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Salesforce NetSuite Integration | Better Together

Customer Engagement and ERP All eyes are on how we can improve visibility across companies and create centralized sources of truth for the entire customer lifecycle from lead, to quote, to order, to cash, and then to revenue recognition. Many of the companies we speak with are struggling to maintain an accurate source of truth…

Value of an Optimized Quote-to-Cash For Small & Growth Businesses

As the saying goes “Cash is King”, this has never been more important than at the time of writing this article as interest rates are at all time highs and organizations are looking to “do more with less.” A strong cash generation and recovery process can be a strategic and competitive advantage for emerging enterprises.…

Before it Was Cool: Oracle NetSuite AI and ML Dominance Goes Back

As the hype around AI reaches its peak, numerous well-known technology companies are eagerly capitalizing on the trend. From IBM’s AI-focused US Open advertisements to Microsoft and Google’s race to establish dominance in the field of generative AI, it seems that everyone is jumping on the bandwagon. However, one notable exception to this trend is…

NetSuite Analytics Warehouse Admin Workshop

The Analytics team at Plative has developed this interactive workshop to give NetSuite administrators and prospective customers an overview of NetSuite Analytics Warehouse and how it can be leveraged to empower your organization.

How-To With Woo: Invoice Grouping

There may be times when some of your larger clients will request multiple invoices out of your NetSuite system. Perhaps it is part of your order to cash process to generate multiple sales orders that may or may not relate to each other (more specific example). Another common use case we’ve leveraged Invoice Grouping for…

“The industry expertise of the Plative team is second to none. They provided solutions specific to our business model and communicated our implementation plan effectively. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Plative.”

Jon Mariano

Director of Project Management, Republic Capital

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