12 Tips for NetSuite

Plative is in the holiday spirit and to celebrate, our NetSuite team came together with their top 12 tips for NetSuite. 

For the first tip in NetSuite, Plative gave to me…

Filtering Custom Segment Values Based on Another Segment in NetSuite

Based on the selection of a dependent segment, native or custom, you can filter the list of values on a custom segment.

Show Internal IDs NetSuite

Personal preferences display the ID of fields and automatically add the internal ID to all your saved searches.

  • Set Home –> Preferences

Saved Search as a Sublist in NetSuite

You can add a custom sublist to any transaction or entity form, including custom records. These custom sublists can use a save search result to present information related to the record you are currently viewing. For example, on a Sales Order, you can list other open sales orders that share the same sales rep.

How to Find Deleted Transactions

You can create a Saved Search against the “Deleted Record” table and report on recently or older deleted records. List out what record, when, and who deleted the record.

External Link for Related Records

QoL improvement is to include a “click here” on a record that is related to another record outside NetSuite. For example, leading a user to a Salesforce Opportunity from a NetSuite Sales Order.

Recently Viewed Records

Speed, speed, speed. Nothing beats moving around the system faster, the clock icon that normally gets overlooked lists all the recent records you have viewed, the 12 most recent, and up to 100 if you view all recent records.

Cleaning Up Duplicate Entities

It’s in the box – use it! Once you’ve set your duplicate detection rules (Setup>Company>Duplicate Detection), a good practice is to set a frequency to check for and merge duplicate records.  Use the Entity Duplicate Resolution process to select a Master and corresponding duplicates to merge into a single record.

NetSuite Customer Dashboard

It’s in the box – use it and personalize it. Often overlooked, a customer dashboard can be useful for all your operational staff to view information about your customer on a single screen.  It can be customized with custom searches and other visualizations. Click on that dashboard icon next to the customer name banner.

Conditional Highlighting in Save Searches

Simple visualizations that you can set conditional highlighting on the results.  If a certain field value breaches and exceeds a predefined tolerance highlight it with color!

Saved Commonly Used Pages as a Shortcut

Often overlooked, remember you can set common daily tasks as a shortcut to quickly access the page or record.  Simply view the page you wish to save and click on the big star on the top left-hand corner.

Drag and Drop File Bundle

  • Bundle ID: 41309
  • It’s FREE, allows you to utilize simple drag and drop of external files and associate them with a NetSuite record which is stored under Files.

SuiteAnalytics Workbooks for Dashboards

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Written by

Larry Woo

Senior NetSuite Consultant

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