3 Reasons to use a CDP

Our top three reasons to add a Customer Data Platform to your business.

Here are the three reasons we believe you should use a customer data platform. In this ever-changing world keeping up with consumers can be one of the most difficult tasks a consumer can face. Adding a CDP to your business can create a data system that is cross-department and allows for you to be efficient not only within your business but with your customers. Plative’s 3 Reasons to use a CDP are…


CDP’s enable specifically tailored content for consumers available through a unified profile accessible to all addressable channels. By tailoring your content to specific consumers you can add a personal touch to your organization and break into new market segments with ease. Specifically tailored content is now being used around the world with great success. By adding a CDP to your organization you can also take advantage of the benefits of consumer data.

Content Targeting

Through the unified profile your business can determine which consumers have bought you products and limit your content to those specific individuals. The ability to target your content to only new consumers  eliminates waste while also making your brand more professional. By identifying consumers who have already bought your product and altering the content you push towards these existing consumers you can bring your sales and marketing to the next level.

Connected Analytics

By using a CDP you can create a unified analytics picture that is accessible across all departments. There is nothing worse than a lack of communication and understanding between the departments of your organization. The access to a single source of truth that is created by a customer data platform grants the departments the ability to quickly communicate and stay up to date on each others progress.

We hope you enjoyed our 3 Reasons to use a CDP. Applying a CDP to your business is a quick way to add value and bring your organization to the next level. If you are interested in learning more or want to talk with an expert please feel free to get in touch or check out the CDP options provided by Salesforce!

Written by

Ryan Anderson

Solution Architect

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