Breaking: Embed Tableau Dashboards in Salesforce With Lightning Web Component

Tableau users rejoice: You can now embed Tableau Dashboards in Salesforce! We noted in a previous blog about differences between Einstein Analytics, Tableau, and others, that Einstein’s competitive differentiator is the tool’s ability to embed dashboards in Salesforce records. With the release of Tableau Viz Lightning Web Component, that’s no longer the case.

On September 21st, 2020, Tableau officially listed this AppExchange App, which as of the time of writing this post, has 2 great reviews applauding the application for it’s relative ease and function similar to Salesforce Einstein Analytics (for those familiar). For those unfamiliar with the application, or with embedding dashboards in Salesforce as a whole, here’s how it works in 3 simple steps: 

1. Download the Tableau Vix Lightning Web Component

2. Configure SSO with Salesforce and Tableau

– Configure as per SAML instructions for Tableau Online and SAML for Lightning Web App

– If you use Tableau Server, click here for the SAML instructions

3. Add The Tableau View to the Lightning Page

– From the App Launcher (App Launcher), find and select a page to embed the Tableau visualization. (For example, select Sales or any other App that provides a home or record page where you can embed the Tableau Lightning web component).

– Click the Setup gear (Setup gear) and then select Edit Page.

– Drag the Tableau Visualization component from the Custom – Managed area of the Lightning Components list to the top of the Page Canvas.

– Select a Tableau view to display by providing the URL for the view in the Enter the Viz URL text box.

– To find the URL for a view on Tableau Server or Tableau Online, click Share on the toolbar and select Copy Link from the Share View dialog box. For Tableau Public, copy the URL for the view from the address bar in your browser.

– In Salesforce, use the options for the Tableau Visualization component to control the size of the view and whether you want to show the Tableau toolbar or any tabs for the view.

You can also control when the Tableau Viz Lightning web component appears by selecting component visibility filters. For more information about the Set Component Visibility options, see Dynamic Lightning Pages in Salesforce Help.


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