Celebrating National Pet Day: Pets of Plative

In celebration of National Pet Day on April 11, Plative hosted a “Show & Tail” with all Plative pets and their parents. This gave everyone a break during the workday to enjoy the company of their pets, their teammates, and meet some new furry friends. Want to learn more about our incredible pet parents and their pets here at Plative? Check out their profiles below:


Brain Contratto, Sales Team 

  • Pet: Eno
  • Breed: Entlebucher Mountain Dog
  • Fun Fact: She was a proposal gift to my now-husband

Pet: Penny

Lucia Lee, People Team 

  • Pet: Penny
  • Breed: Samoyed, Akita Inu + Supermutt Mix
  • Fun Fact: Penny was adopted and came from Korea in July 2020 and is bi-lingual


Greg DelGenio, Executive Team

  • Pet: Bixby, aka Bix
  • Breed: Rottweiler/Pitbull mix
  • Fun Fact: We adopted Bix as a 3-month-old puppy from Muddy Paws Rescue NYC as a “lab mix” under the impression that he would be a medium-sized dog when fully grown. To our surprise, he’s currently 115 lbs of pure love (and still likes to be carried)

Pet: Ace

Kevin Nguyen, Delivery Team 

  • Pet: Ace
  • Breed: Shiba Inu
  • Fun Fact: His favorite word is “treat”

Pet: Jesse

Jordan Weber, Sales Team 

  • Pet: Jesse
  • Breed: Spanador (Lab/Spaniel Mix)
  • Fun Fact: His speed and mechanics make him an incredible frisbee dog. He can easily catch passes upwards of 60 yards and has even taught himself to anticipate different flight patterns, like those caused by wind (or bad throws)

Pet: Jax

Mickela Miller, Marketing Team 

  • Pet: Jackson, aka Jax
  • Breed: Lab/Border Collie mix
  • Fun Fact: Jax was adopted in Denver – he loves people and long walks!

Plative pets

Rob MacEwen, Delivery Team 

  • Pet: Carbon
  • Breed: Cat
  • Fun Fact: If you point at a flying bug and say “Look, Look!” He will attempt to catch it. Otherwise, he’s not very bright

Plative pets

Paulo Kaiser, Executive Team 

  • Pet: Olive
  • Breed: Labradoodle
  • Fun Fact: Enjoys chewing furniture, stealing socks, and long walks on the beach

Plative pets

Brian George, Delivery Team 

  • Pet: Rhea
  • Breed: Leonberger X
  • Fun Fact: Never had a bath, afraid of the wind, and once saved a woman’s life

Plative pets Sady

Remie Ramin, Delivery Team 

  • Pets: Hera (cat) and Sady (dog)
  • Breeds: Mainecoon and American Bully
  • Fun Facts:
    • Hera loves to climb on top of peoples’ hair and grooms kid’s hair as if the kids are her kittens.
    • Sady likes to chew on slippers!

Plative pets

Drew Preiner, Sales Team 

  • Pet: Suter
  • Breed: Boxer
  • Fun Fact: Suter gets mail directly from the mailman every day (the mailman brings him a bone treat after Suter carries our mail into the house every day). Also, he once chewed through his metal dog kennel to get out and lost 3 teeth in the process.

Plative pets Plative pets

Elizabeth Bauer, Delivery Team 

  • Pet: Mallory (left) & Brody (right)
  • Breed: Mastiff Mixes
  • Fun Facts:
    • Mallory loves agility and doggy parkour, she is absolutely fearless!
    • Brody loves to pick up anything he can get his mouth on and bring it to you to say hello. Shoes, blankets, toys, leashes, collars, even your hand… Brody is a foster dog who has recently gone to his furever home.

Plative pets

Chris Bondi, Sales Team 

  • Pet: Sirius
  • Breed: Catahoula Leopard Dog
  • Fun Fact: Catahoula’s are insanely active and athletic dogs – He has webbed feet to swim faster, he can climb trees (they often tree squirrels when they are working or hunting dogs), and he can jump over my 6-foot fence in the back of my building. All that being said – he seems like he would be tough, but he’s the biggest baby in the world.

Satish Jha, Delivery Team 

  • Pet: Pluto
  • Breed: Golden Retriever
  • Fun Fact: He loves grass and his stuffed toy named Pluto!

Plative Pets

Lakshmi Gorrepati, Delivery Team 

  • Pet: Neel
  • Breed: Labrador Retriever and Pyrenees Mix
  • Fun Fact: Currently living in Virginia with my pawsome family!

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