Bpeace Built a Trusted Community for Volunteers, Powered by Salesforce Experience Cloud.


“We had a lot of questions. Salesforce offers a very capable product and Plative helped us find the right solution for our specific needs without taking on too much. They guided our understanding of the Community’s visual, functional, and communication possibilities once people are within that portal.”

Caroline Basso

Chief Administrative Officer

About Business Council for Peace (Bpeace)

The Business Council for Peace (Bpeace) is an award-winning nonprofit working in crisis-affected communities to grow small and medium-sized businesses, creating significant employment for all and expanding the economic power of women. Bpeace delivers high-quality business consulting through volunteer business experts called “Skillanthropists,” to carefully vetted small and medium-size businesses called “Fast Runners.” Bpeace, Skillanthropist, and Fast Runners are in pursuit of a common vision: that employment is the bridge to education, poverty reduction, improved health, and ultimately less violence; and that jobs for women are vital to women’s advancement and to elevating their peaceful influence on society.

Business Case

Bpeace had a vision to build a trusted community portal for their ‘Skillanthropists’ and ‘Fast Runners’ to seamlessly connect and find resources. To bring this to life, a few of their volunteers identified Salesforce Experience Cloud (formally known as Community Cloud) as the best solution, along with using Salesforce as their CRM. This vision initiated the transformational project of migrating the organization off of Zoho CRM and onto the Salesforce platform as a way to better connect internal and external stakeholders in a more scalable and secure method.


Using Salesforce Experience Cloud, Plative built ‘Bpeace Connect’, a portal that creates a communication gateway for Skillanthropists and Fast Runners to collaborate with each other and for BpeaceHQ to centralize team communications. The Community utilizes different search components for finding specific services and skills, uses Chatter for sharing resources, articles, and advice, along with a Dashboard for tracking unique contributions, daily active users, and most talked about topics. Businesses and individuals can use Bpeace Connect 24/7 to engage without waiting for Bpeace staff to match them up. Bpeace also leverages the Plative Alliance Program, allowing Plative experts to maintain and grow Bpeace Connect through cloud-managed services.


The implementation of this Salesforce Community allowed Bpeace to achieve its goal of putting new Skillanthropists to work right away and engaging with Fast Runners. It has provided an environment with rich advice and resources, available to everyone in the community. This self-guided space has increased engagement and interactions with Skillanthropists and Fast Runners, and also minimized time and effort from the Bpeace staff.

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