Cougar USA: Driving Efficiency and 90% Revenue Growth with Plative and Oracle NetSuite

The Story at a Glance

Cougar USA, a leading High-Performance Building Solutions provider, has transformed its operations to achieve a projected 90% revenue growth in the next five years. Embracing NetSuite Cloud ERP and partnering with Plative, Cougar USA streamlined its processes, improved customer satisfaction through the STAR Program, and ensured mobile accessibility, solidifying its position at the forefront of innovation.

Technology Implemented

  • NetSuite
  • NetSuite Financials Management
  • NetSuite Procure To Pay

Leading the Way in High-Performance Building Solutions

Founded in 2003, Cougar USA has evolved into a trusted partner in High-Performance Buildings through Water Control Solutions. Under Cougar USA, lives Cougar Sales, the wholesale distribution company, and Cougar Systems, the manufacturing fabrication company whose products are sold all across the country. Cougar USA is dedicated to staying on the cutting edge of technology, introducing and supporting the latest proven systems and technology in the industry. They assist engineers, contractors, and end-users in designing, building and maintaining High-Performance Buildings, with a specific focus on Water Control Systems. These systems cover water pressure, level, temperature, flow, and quality, ensuring optimal performance and safety. With big plans for growth, President Tim Zacharias knew it was time to upgrade from their disparate technology solutions to a full ERP system.

Tim Zacharias, Cougar USA

“We got to a point where we had grown organically and as our needs changed we would tack on an extra piece of software to what we already had and ended up with five or six systems and none of them were integrated. It was starting to hold us back from growth because our team was having to work in QuickBooks and then duplicate the work in another system. It was too much.”

– Tim Zacharias, President

Preparing for 90% Revenue Growth with NetSuite

Cougar USA’s strategic decision to implement NetSuite Cloud ERP has proven to be a pivotal move, positioning the company on a trajectory to achieve an impressive 90% growth in top-line revenues over the next five years. The decision to move to NetSuite came after analyzing their costs of having five to six different disparate systems and comparing that with the cost of NetSuite. After that, it became a no-brainer. Once the decision to move forward with NetSuite was made, Cougar USA chose Plative for an implementation partner.

Choosing the Right Partner

When looking for an implementation partner, Cougar USA was looking for a team that aligned with their mission and would work with them to ensure their NetSuite instance would fit the specific needs of their team.

“Once we met the Plative team and got to know them, their mission and values lined up well with what we’re doing. I really like the way they were able to take what we wanted and needed and translate that into NetSuite”

– Tim Zacharias, President

90% Growth with NetSuite

A consistent communication cadence withPlativehelped the project stay on track and enabled the team to see exactly where they were at in the process. This was important to the Cougar USA team because it encouraged accountability on their end for the stakeholders to stay on track.

Improving Customer Satisfaction with a New STAR Program

One big improvement the team at Cougar USA saw in the first 6-8 months was the ability to achieve more touch points with their customers. Since NetSuite is able to provide more insight into customer data, the team is able to make proactive calls about deliveries or issues. 

With the NetSuite native application NextService, Cougar USA is able to catalog everything that goes into their customers’ buildings and track the service history. This resulted in the creation of a completely new service offering called the STAR Program which is now a recurring stream of revenue for the business. The STAR Program is a preventative maintenance program where the team will go out 2-4 times a year to make sure systems are working properly, test performance, and catch any early warning signs for issues. With this program in place, Cougar USA was one of the few companies prepared when the natural disaster freeze happened in Texas in February of 2021 and they were able to quickly respond to get critical buildings back up and running. 

90% Growth with NetSuite

“We pride ourselves on our ability to react and serve our customers to get them back up and running in any case and especially in the event of a natural disaster. Part of that is keeping up with everything they have in their building and everything we have done with them. One of the things we’ve really liked in NetSuite is the native application NextService because we’re able to catalog everything that goes into our customers’ buildings and track their service history.

– Tim Zacharias, President

Meeting Their Customers Where They Are

When looking for a new ERP system, a cloud-based system was one of the first qualifiers for Cougar USA. With the nature of their work, they needed the ability to access their data from anywhere, 24/7. Before their work with Plative, the only way to check inventory was to remotely access a desktop and open Quickbooks. To make matters worse, when COVID-19 began, most of the team started working remotely and getting everyone access to remote back to the shop was a huge challenge. Once they moved to NetSuite, all of those issues were resolved and it enabled the team to efficiently work from anywhere. Now Cougar USA has access to their data from anywhere, even on mobile devices, making it easy for them to access inventory information immediately while talking with customers.

About Cougar USA

Established in 2003 as a manufacturers’ rep firm in Greater Houston, Cougar USA has evolved into a comprehensive water control systems provider for commercial buildings. Specializing in tailored solutions for water pressure, level, temperature, flow, and quality, the company continually expands its facilities to meet customer demands. Additionally, the company offers booster pump packages to modulate pump speeds, ensuring a constant discharge pressure in buildings relying on pressure-based pump control.

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