Credent Wealth Management is a financial services firm in Auburn, Indiana offering retirement planning, investments, insurance, and tax services. Their team of experts with over 150 years combined experience provides tailored financial guidance to help clients achieve financial freedom.

Business Case

Credent Wealth Management was looking to optimize processes on their Financial Services Cloud platform over 12 months to improve the client experience and employee retention by reducing manual tasks and consolidating applications.


The 12 month program focused on implementing Zoom, updating Conga templates, evaluating case utilization, migrating from Jitterbit, improving third party app usage, conducting data cleanup, and adding automated processes.


As a result of working with Plative, Credent Wealth Management improved their client experience through better understanding needs and data reporting. They also enhanced employee retention by establishing more efficient technology processes and onboarding.


  • Salesforce
  • Zoom
  • Conga

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