How Halo Investing is Improving Customer Relationships with Salesforce

The Story at a Glance

At the forefront of disrupting traditional portfolio management, Halo Investing is an award-winning platform committed to democratizing access to protective investment solutions. With over $12.5 billion in transactions since 2015 and partnerships with over forty global banks and insurers, Halo has revolutionized the landscape. Halo tackled prospecting challenges, turning to Plative for a ground-up Salesforce reimplementation. The impact has been transformative, enhancing client interactions, forecasting capabilities, and democratizing access to protective investments. The partnership with Plative has positioned Halo for continued success, with plans for a 2.0 phase integrating real-time alerts and API integration for actionable insights.

Technology Implemented

  • Salesforce

Halo Investing is an award-winning platform designed to disrupt how investment portfolios are built by democratizing access to protective investment solutions–a portfolio management philosophy that looks beyond the basic stocks-and-bonds model to maximize returns while minimizing risk. 

While these products are not new, Halo’s success in making them more accessible has resulted in over $12.5 billion dollars in transactions since 2015 with over forty global banking and insurance partnerships on four continents.

How Halo Tackled Prospecting Pains

Protective investments have typically been slow, manual, and lacking the transparency that gives clients the confidence to commit. Even bonds can take days to reach accounts. Because of this, the Halo sales team faces challenges with a long, labor-intensive, brittle sales cycle with an audience of registered advisors (RAs) who are cautious about protective investing despite its potential. The financial products they sell have set dates of maturity they know are opportune moments to sell more and again to the same RA. To miss these opportunities is a loss that could stack up to millions of dollars in lost opportunities.

To level up and power the next wave of success, Halo committed to Salesforce as the CRM for managing the demanding relationships with RAs. But the problem with an out-of-the-box solution as big as Salesforce is it only works as well as the implementation.

The Halo sales team found themselves unable to capture the full value of Salesforce. Data was inaccurate, opportunity pipelines looked convoluted, and no one could generate a proper, reliable report of the pipeline they were working hard to capitalize on. This also made forecasting impossible without bringing in spreadsheets and manual methods.

That’s when they brought in National Sales Director, Sam Price.

Halo Investing

“At that point, you couldn’t even look at a client and see what kind of business they had done with Halo. Maintaining an accurate revenue forecast was challenging and a quick view of accurate records for historical sales to any one RIA was not possible or accessible to salespeople.”

-Sam Price, National Sales Director
, Halo Investing

Price looked to Salesforce for a solution and, with their referral, that’s when Plative stepped in.

Plative helped Halo Reimplement Salesforce From the Ground Up

Halo needed to re-implement Salesforce so they could achieve a useful, fully functional system that set sales teams up for success throughout the sales cycle and produced a return on the investment in a CRM in the first place.

To start, Plative built new Salesforce Objects that allowed Halo to track product maturity of bonds so the sales team could know just the right time to approach customers to reengage and upsell. 

Trade objects were built in at the advisor level so they could monitor multiple buyers as well as their buying behaviors so they could anticipate how to sell to them in the future. 

Finally, Plative populated historical sales data into proper categories in Salesforce so they are visible, trackable, and able to be pulled easily for reporting.

The Impact of a Fully Functional Salesforce on Halo

Halo’s partnership with Plative has been instrumental in boosting the transformational opportunity they deliver to the financial services sector. 

Tailoring Client Interactions:

RIAs don’t have a lot of time. They expect salespeople to know everything about their context or they drop off. With a fully function Salesforce implementation, Halo’s sales team can tailor their interactions to RA profiles efficiently and effectively. Pulling their data to see every product historically purchased allows for a more meaningful and personalized relationship with each one.

Forecasting and Roadmapping:

Before, metrics weren’t being captured or were immeasurable due to improper structuring. Now metrics are at the fingertips of any Halo team member. Forecasting, sales reports, and maturities-tracking provides Halo’s senior leadership with custom dashboards for strategic roadmapping so they can accurately maintain their transformative vision for the industry. 

Democratizing Access:

This allows Halo to minimize the amount of work it has traditionally taken to provide transparent information on the platform for RAs. This, in turn, drives their mission to transform the financial landscape and democratize access to protective investments, making them available to a broader audience.

Growing ROI:

With the enhanced ability to capture maturing Structured Notes, Halo anticipates significant ROI: at minimum, an 80% capture of their goal.

“We’re probably 65 to 80% to our goal just by capturing what we already have sold. The fact that we couldn’t do that before was just crazy. It wasn’t easy, but the ROI is massive in what Plative put together for us.”

-Sam Price, National Sales Director

Halo Investing

Why Plative Was the Best Partner

By leveraging Salesforce, Halo not only empowers sales teams but also makes protective investments more accessible and transparent for a broader audience. 

The journey continues as Halo aims for a 2.0 phase, with built-in real-time alerts, callouts, and improved monitoring. This project will also engage an API integration with the platform designed to empower sales teams with actionable insights from their growing wealth of data so they can make the most informed, tactical decisions possible.

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Halo provides access to protective investments, such as Structured Notes, buffered ETFs, and annuities. They’re the first platform that allows advisors to create custom Structured Notes and introduced the industry’s first SMA marketplace for Structured Notes.

Their comprehensive platform connects advisors with product manufacturers and industry-leading tools and education – including direct access to their support team and a library of educational content that is self-paced and customized to your firm.

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