Halo Investing is a financial technology company that specializes in structured investment products. It is known for its platform that allows individual investors, financial advisors, and institutions to access and manage structured notes. Halo Investing’s platform provides users with access to a wide range of structured notes from various issuers. It offers tools and resources to help investors analyze, compare, and select structured notes based on their investment goals and risk preferences.

Business Case

Halo was having a difficult time because all their incoming data from Salesforce was coming into one object. Large amounts of their record types were not delineated. Halo was also having issues due to their reporting and analysis not being aligned.


Plative spoke to numerous stakeholders and members of the organization to pinpoint issues and roadmap a solution. Two additional objects were needed and Halo needed to separate opportunity into three areas. After completing this Plative took all data the out of opportunity area, cleaned it, and put the data back in the right spots.

Key Moments

During the process there was a moment where Ethos realized how much more efficiently they could use Salesforce. They were using Salesforce as a data repository and Plative showed them how they can use it to better track deals and trade management. Now they can track products that they sell in a much more efficient manner.


The biggest outcome was the reporting and ease of use that Halo gained access to. Halo also now have more data driven insights and is able to manage all their data in one centralized source of truth.


  • Salesforce Sales Cloud

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