How Homage is Reinventing Home Care with Salesforce Field Service

About Homage

Homage is the largest provider of services for older adults and people with disabilities in Snohomish County. Each year more than 25,000 individuals benefit from Homage’s core programs in food and nutrition, health and wellness, home repair, social services, and transportation.

Business Case

Homage was operating within spreadsheets and forms and was looking for a more innovative platform to handle all its processes. The Minor Home Repair team needed to be more organized and have the ability to manage their repairs and the technicians needed to be able to view and manage work orders on a mobile device. They wanted to move away from the old Exponent Case Management (ECM) platform they were using for case management and to standard cases for Salesforce.  


Salesforce Field Service (SFS) was implemented for repair technicians to view and update their work orders, while Salesforce Program Management was leveraged to track services. Salesforce Cases are used for logging, tracking, and resolving customer issues. Lastly, GridMate was integrated with Salesforce to simplify data capture and processing. 


Implementing Salesforce allowed Homage’s repair technicians to easily update work orders and gave the Minor Home Repair team the ability to manage records effectively and efficiently. Also, Salesforce Cases replaced the need for ECM licenses moving forward. Salesforce simplified processes and removed manual work for the Homage team.

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