How Interplay Learning Is Solving The Skilled Trade Talent Gap With NetSuite

The Story at a Glance

Interplay Learning addresses the skilled trade talent gap by offering online, hands-on training in trades like HVAC and plumbing through immersive 3D simulations. The demand for skilled technicians led to increased demand for Interplay’s platform. However, managing diverse subscriptions and manual data transfers posed challenges. Partnering with Plative, known for a positive culture and NetSuite expertise, proved crucial. The implementation of NetSuite streamlined operations, reducing the time to close books from a month to days and providing real-time data for confident decision-making.

Technology Implemented

  • NetSuite
  • NetSuite SuiteBilling
  • NetSuite Procure To Pay (Software)
  • NetSuite Order to Cash
  • NetSuite Revenue Management
  • Celigo: HubSpot to NetSuite Connector

There’s a notable disparity between the demand for skilled trade technicians and the number of qualified individuals to fill these crucial roles. From electricians and plumbers to welders and HVAC technicians, new people joining these trades is essential to keeping modern life working.

One historical barrier to joining skilled trades or adding skills is access to hands-on training. Finding an apprenticeship or in-person training program can sometimes be dependent on where someone lives or whether they have the means to travel. Imagine being able to receive hands-on training to become an HVAC, plumbing, or electrical technician anytime, anywhere online. Interplay Learning provides exactly that experience; hands-on immersive 3D simulations that can condense training time to weeks, rather than years. 

As the demand for skilled technicians has risen, so has the demand for Interplay’s platform. However, Interplay struggled to support various types of subscriptions, from single individuals taking a course to businesses and schools making Interplay’s training available to employees and students. Additionally, data had to be manually transferred between systems to provide an accurate view of all active subscriptions, which was not only tedious but also prone to errors.

Interplay Learning

We wanted to be able to have the salespeople generate an invoice at the push of a button once a deal was closed. Being able to look at data instantaneously was a must-have.”

– Amy Moses, Senior Accounting Manager at Interplay Learning

Plative’s Culture and NetSuite Experience Were a Perfect Match

The Interplay Learning team values a healthy culture that promotes employee well-being. It was important to them to find a partner that could not only meet their technical requirements, but could also be a good cultural fit for their team to work with every day. Turning to Glassdoor for insights into company morale, they found that Plative stood out with an exceptional level of enthusiasm and high morale.

“It’s a good sign that employees like working at Plative. In the evaluation stage, I took that as a positive sign for the service we were going to get. You can ask for referrals of course, but reading anonymous employee reviews tend to be a more unbiased source of reviews.”

– Amy Moses, Senior Accounting Manager at Interplay Learning

Interplay Learning

As Interplay transitioned to the implementation phase, it became clear that Plative’s expertise in NetSuite SuiteBilling and Subscription Management was essential for success.

Interplay Learning

“When we initially talked about the integration we wanted, I had my doubts that it could be done at all because I thought it would be too complex, but Plative made it happen”

– Amy Moses, Senior Accounting Manager at Interplay Learning

The Impact of NetSuite on Interplay Learning’s Operations

Closing The Books in Days, Not Weeks

Previously, closing the books was a month-long endeavor, but with NetSuite, it has been condensed to a matter of days. This dramatic reduction in time spent on routine operations has enabled the Interplay team to focus on strategic initiatives.

Decisions Based on Accurate Real-Time Data 

The introduction of real-time data has been transformative, providing the team with an overview of active subscriptions that can be used to make decisions swiftly and with confidence.

“The reliability of our data has become a cornerstone of our operations, instilling confidence in every action we take. NetSuite’s role as our centralized system has not only simplified our workflows but has also positioned us for continued success and growth.”

– Amy Moses, Senior Accounting Manager at Interplay Learning

Interplay Learning

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Since 2016 Interplay Learning has been building better training, better careers and better lives for their customers and their employees. Their award-winning online and VR training for essential skilled trades is scalable and more effective than traditional training methods. The result is a highly trained employee who is job-ready in weeks, not years. 
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