Lever is a software company headquartered in San Francisco, California and Toronto, Canada that provides an applicant tracking system for hiring.

Business Case

Lever was unable to create subscriptions and renewals with different end dates on same quote in Zuora. They also had a lack of flexibility with Zuora Product Catalogue, Pricing issues, and invoice template.


Plative replaced Zuora Quoting with Salesforce CPQ Quoting, giving lever the ability to customize start and end dates per product. Plative also used Salesforce CPQ Subscription pricing model to customize pricing at multiple levels and allow for segmented pricing.


The project was delivered under the budget and on-time within 5 months. Using Plative Lever Streamlined Quote-to-Cash process within Salesforce with integration to NetSuite.


  • Salesforce CPQ Quoting
  • NetSuite

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