Nowak Dental Maximizes Employee Productivity with Plative and NetSuite

“Plative has been amazing to work with and is just like talking to a friend. We look forward to continuing our partnership.”

Brandi Nowak


About Nowak Dental Supplies

Nowak Dental Supplies is a family-owned and operated corporation, started in 1944 by Benny and Helen Nowak. Nowak Dental Supplies prides itself on customer service and satisfaction. They are small enough to care about every order but large enough to provide great services. They handle all Dental Laboratory and Dental Office products.

Business Case

Nowak Dental was using a platform that lacked reporting and tracking capabilities and the website was not mobile-friendly. As they outgrew this platform, they knew it was time to make the jump to a new solution. 


Nowak Dental implemented NetSuite’s core ERP and CRM for financials, order management, and opportunity management. Advanced Inventory and Demand Planning were implemented to optimize daily warehouse operations. Nowak Dental also uses TransactionSuiteCase Management, and the Customer and Partner Centers. They also leverage Plative Cloud Managed Services, allowing Plative experts to maintain and grow Nowak’s NetSuite instance through cloud-managed services. The NetSuite implementation created automation for sending invoices, purchase orders, and past-due notices. NetSuite’s 3-Way Match was implemented to track variances between items ordered, received, and billed so there are no discrepancies. The ability to transfer notes from sales order to purchase order was configured to allow instructions to be provided from the customer to the vendor. 


Making the switch to NetSuite, the Nowak team couldn’t imagine life without it. They are able to track merchandise, the locations of products, and easily run reports. The automation has reduced manual efforts for tracking and sending invoices. Having one system of truth helps with accounting and financial analysis. The Managed Services offering allows them to meet with the Plative team weekly and continue the strong partnership. Nowak can track any problems that arise and know that they will be solved. NetSuite provided Nowak with solutions and abilities they didn’t have access to before.

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