REPAY (NASDAQ: RPAY) is Building the Future of Electronic Payments with Order to Cash Provided by Oracle NetSuite and Plative

“Our team has been really impressed with how helpful Plative has been. We look forward to continuing our partnership.”

Thomas Sullivan

Vice President & Corporate Controller

About Repay

REPAY provides integrated payment processing solutions to verticals that have specific transaction processing needs. REPAY’s proprietary, integrated payment technology platform reduces the complexity of electronic payments for merchants while enhancing the overall experience for consumers and businesses.

Business Case

REPAY lacked automation and streamlined processes due to its multiple subsidiaries. They were not able to track their subsidiaries in one place and all intercompany transactions were handled manually. They could not run bulk transactions and financial reporting was a challenge because of their inability to automate the consolidation of reports.


The implementation of intercompany transactions allowed REPAY to streamline and automate its processes. Order to Cash and Procure to Pay processes in NetSuite were configured to streamline the operational process for all subsidiaries. Financial reports were automated, along with consolidation at each hierarchical level. Training on Data Migration of transactions was provided so that multiple records could be created simultaneously. NetSuite was integrated with REPAY to streamline the process of electronic payments to vendors. Lastly, the creation of multiple currencies and the ability to generate customer reports increased their tracking abilities.


Implementing these solutions reduced the amount of manual work, eliminated human errors, and increased overall efficiency. REPAY was able to streamline the process for all subsidiaries and track everything in one place. The automation of electronic payments with REPAY increased productivity by reducing their manual efforts. The generation of customer statements tracks timely payments and the printing of transaction forms makes REPAY more approachable to customers. 

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