Ryeka Sport Consistently Delights Its Retail Partners and Customers by Being Easy to do Business with. Ryeka Trusts Plative and Oracle NetSuite

Ryeka Sport

“Plative is clear, concise, and has the end solution in mind. They understand that each business has its own requirements, but at the end of the day, each business needs to fulfill a service efficiently.”

Erik Davis

Owner & President

About Ryeka Sport

Ryeka Sport is a sport nutrition distributor, specific to cycling and running. We distribute to mass retailers and Amazon, servicing 900+ doors across Canada.

Business Case

Ryeka Sport had multiple software applications and was looking to consolidate their ERP into one system. They needed an automated system for fulfillment and tracking and the ability to login from anywhere, on any device. After landing on NetSuite, Ryeka Sport brought in Plative to help with the implementation and make their day-to-day more efficient and productive.


Plative helped Ryeka Sport with all levels of their ERP including accounting, CRM, web, automation, and reporting. Plative also provided ongoing support, guidance around automation, updates to the system, and overall NetSuite best practices.


Ryeka Sport can now get real-time information on their financials to make informed business decisions on the fly. Removing data silos and increasing automation makes work easier for their staff and allows for more time spent with their customers. They have more streamlined sales and financial reporting and can track orders efficiently. Ryeka Sport has been able to update their ERP instance on an ongoing basis and it allows them to scale and grow all with the same solution.

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