Plative Helps AR/VR Enabled SeekNow to Stay in Front of Its Customers with Service Cloud and Omnichannel

About SeekNow

Seek Now is creating and leveraging technology to revolutionize multiple property-related industries. Founded in 2012, their foundationally innovative mindset, combined with years of experience, has propelled them to sustained, accelerated growth. While having the entrepreneurial spirit of a startup, they have the discernment and direction of the established mid-market company. 

The Seek Now platform deploys a professional gig-economy workforce of Seekers to capture, translate, and transmit hi-definition data faster and more efficiently than ever before. Leveraging current and emerging capture technologies — machine learning, AI, AR/VR, autonomous flight, and more — they deliver detailed, property-specific, ground truth data verging in real-time.

Business Case

SeekNow was using Salesforce but needed to expand the solution to better support their customers. They were looking for a better way to manage tickets across their dispersed workforce and time zones. SeekNow also needed to automate Cases being created from Maestro. 


SeekNow partnered with Plative to implement Salesforce Service Cloud with Omni Channel to manage their inbound customer interactions across email, phone, and SMS. Plative developed an integration with Maestro and created a custom iFrame in Salesforce Lightning to provide a streamlined view into the use of Maestro. 


Implementing Service Cloud improved their customer support and agent productivity. It allowed them to have stronger reporting capabilities and visibility into cases. The seamless Maestro access window within Salesforce Lightning enabled agents to avoid switching browser windows and be more productive.

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