Vorum implemented Salesforce Partner Community and Sales Cloud to Empower Their Partner Ecosystem of Medical Device Sales

“The project team we worked with was extremely professional and adapted well with how our project needs to be changed over the course of our work together. We would gladly work with Plative for our next engagement!”

Angela Saunders

Chief Sales and Marketing Officer

About Vorum

Vorum was the first company dedicated to the development of computer-aided design and manufacturing for the fabrication of custom orthotic and prosthetic devices.

For over 30 years, they have been enabling prosthetists and orthotists to adopt a modern, digital approach in their profession and are now a staple of scanner, design software, and prosthetic 3D printing in over 45 countries. 

Business Case

Vorum’s Salesforce instance had many manual processes that required redundant data entry by their users. The direct sales process was slowed by waiting for signed and faxed signatures and channel sales were managed by phone and email. 


Salesforce Partner Communities were implemented to manage the channel sales division of med device sales along with Conga Sign which was deployed to speed up the sales and closing process. The primary database was re-architected with automation to delete manual data re-entry. 


Price lists in Salesforce enabled employees and channel partners to quote consistently in a uniform way that allowed Vorum employees to create financial milestones and track them for customer payment. Conga Sign enabled the team to shorten the amount of time to close opportunities. 

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