Using AI for More Compliant and Personalized Marketing: How Thornburg is Using Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Einstein AI to Stay Nimble in a Highly-Regulated Industry.

In heavily regulated industries like asset management, marketers are faced with an increasingly challenging environment when it comes to staying top of mind for their prospective clients, investors, partners, and other audiences while adhering to increasingly strict regulatory guidance on methods of communication. 

Thornburg, a global investment management company that manages over $46B in client assets worldwide, understands the importance of keeping their clients updated on their active and flexible investments, as well as the ever-changing factors that could impact investment decisions. Any unexpected announcement from the Fed  could mean that the day’s planned email campaign needs to quickly pivot. Staying nimble while adhering to strict industry compliance standards is a tough line to walk. 

Technology Implemented

  • Salesforce
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  • Salesforce Sales Cloud
  • Salesforce Einstein AI

Compliant Email Marketing at Scale: The Case for Salesforce Marketing Cloud and AI for Financial Services

Thornburg’s Marketing team strives for personalization at scale, but their previous marketing automation platform made compliant and dynamic email segmentation difficult. Each segment could have different compliance and regulatory standards requiring different communication processes, so the team had to pull a new list manually for every email. Even then, their confidence in those lists wasn’t as high as it could have been if the segmentation list pulls were automated and dynamic.  

After auditing a few marketing automation tools, Thornburg chose Salesforce Marketing Cloud Engagement and Marketing Cloud Advertising for its superior compliance standards, personalization options, AI capabilities, and the opportunity to expand into new marketing channels, all in one platform. With Salesforce, Thornburg can trust that compliance certifications like SOC 1, SOC 2, ISO 27001, and PCI-DSS, all integral for financial services organizations, are built into the platform – freeing up the Marketing team’s time to focus on driving awareness, personalizing content, and getting the right message across to the right audiences.

There are many applications that are bringing shiny new AI-enabled features to digital marketers. Many of these solutions are unusable by financial institutions because they don’t comply with the strict regulatory standards put in place to safeguard their client’s sensitive data. However, Salesforce’s AI trust layer and industry-leading compliance with regulatory standards enables financial institutions like Thornburg to leverage cutting-edge AI technology with peace of mind on the Salesforce platform. 

Selecting The Right Implementer and Preparing for The Switch Together

Thornburg’s team understood the importance of pre-planning for the move to Marketing Cloud. Alongside Plative, the two teams focused first on data hygiene – from cleaning up thousands of duplicate contacts to mapping data points, fields, custom objects and contact stages from Sales Cloud to Marketing Cloud.

This set up the Plative team for a smooth implementation, a project that was completed early and under budget, giving Plative additional time to go above and beyond by optimizing dynamic segmentation lists, creating automations to eliminate redundant and manual processes, and building out a new subscriber welcome series campaign in Marketing Cloud Journey Builder.

einstein ai lead scoring

“Salesforce Marketing Cloud helped us go from simple automated campaigns to true customer journey marketing.”

– Valerie Schopmann, Sr. Specialist of Demand Generation at Thornburg


Going From Manual List Creation to AI-Powered Customer Segmentation & Journey Marketing

With Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Einstein AI, Thornburg’s Marketing team is now able to dynamically segment its audiences and target them with dynamic content based on their behaviors, interests, and stage in the sales cycle. Through Einstein AI, they can pull subject lines and content recommendations for emails and the website, creating a cohesive user experience across multiple journey stages. With Einstein AI, Thornburg is able to scale its content team and its operational resources. A segment-specific nurture program might take weeks to set up, then even more time to manually optimize and update content and subject lines based on performance metrics. Now the team can lean into Salesforce Marketing Cloud plus Einstein AI, saving them time and resources to focus on experimenting with new channels and markets.   

salesforce marketing cloud and einstein AI

As email compliance and restrictions become more challenging for their industry, Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Einstein AI also offer Thornburg additional integrated channels for full-funnel, personalized marketing – from advertising programs that map to customer journey stages, to the possibility of in-app experiences. 

Marketing Cloud has also changed how the Thornburg team collects and presents performance data to its leadership. After spending years pulling data into Excel and PowerPoint, they can now use custom dashboards in Marketing Cloud Intelligence Advanced to provide stats on KPIs important to the firm in one view. 

“I’ve done software implementations before and it never goes how you think it will. With Plative, it went better than we thought it would. We completed the project early and came in under budget, leaving us with additional hours in the project to streamline and optimize automations for maximum efficiencies.”

– Valerie Schopmann, Sr. Specialist of Demand Generation at Thornburg

What’s Next

The team at Thornburg sees new marketing channels as their next big opportunity. Integrated Marketing Cloud and Einstein AI features like Email and Web recommendations, and in-app messaging are coming soon, as is a robust engagement scoring model built directly in the platform. In an industry so heavily regulated, Thornburg is showing others how to stay compliant and excited about new marketing innovations. 

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