Wespath Investment Management was founded in 1908. Wespath is a not-for-profit general agency serving The United Methodist Church, serving more than 100,000 active and retired clergy and lay employees of the Church. The company is headquartered in Glenview, Illinois.

Business Case

Wespath Investment Management was looking for a trusted technology partner to enable them to better understand their partner investment managers by building out additional functionality in their existing Salesforce instance. They also had no way of tracking interactions with asset managers and had no overarching view of who was talking to who.


The key driver for this project was to fundamentally change Salesforce from being used as a data input system for a different wing of the business, to an all encompassing output solution that will deliver actionable insights about investment managers, their portfolios, projects and engagement.  Plative created the necessary framework for the Wespath team to track and report on their activities and many touchpoints with the Asset Managers. All data is being transferred from spreadsheets which does not allow them to scale and leaves them vulnerable to loss of key people.


Wespath now has a single source of truth for their entire Investment Management team that allows seamless collaboration and becomes a compendium of institutional knowledge.


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