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Growing consumer products and manufacturing companies tend to outgrow their technology capabilities quickly. From purchasing, quoting, and managing sales on the front end, to overseeing inventory, fulfillment, and how you get your product to market on the back end, Plative will help you gain a complete view of your business. We’ll connect you to your customers every step of the way while improving operational efficiency.

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Solutions to Help You Maximize Customer and Employee Experiences


Service Optimization

We’ll help you unlock efficiencies and increase customer happiness by meeting them where they are, regardless of their device or communication preferences.


Connect Your Value Chain

We’ll help you take a multi-cloud approach to connecting eCommerce and online order management to customer database, asset lifecycle management, and ERP solutions so your data is all in one place.


Unify Marketing, Sales, and Back Office

Your company brings amazing products to life – we’ll bring that message to the masses. Our staff of cross-cloud experts understand your business and know how to set you apart in the marketplace.


360-Degree View of Your Customers

Integrate your product and usage metrics with CRM data to inform your organization on whitespace reporting, eliminate churn, and maximize net revenue retention. Arm your frontline sales and support staff with intelligence about the customers and prospects they interact with on a daily basis.

Services for Every Stage of Your Technology Journey

Strategy and Advisory

Strategy first, technology second. That’s the mindset we challenge our clients to adopt, particularly when they need help with a vision. We bring our industry-specific guidance and similar project experience to the table in order to develop a roadmap that aligns with your business priorities across the front and back office.

Industry-Specific CRM and ERP

The problem with most technology solutions is that they’re generic and don’t quite fit with the complex processes needed for your business. That’s where our team of industry experts come in to advise and deploy a solution that re-imagines what CRM and ERP should be from the ground up.

Implementation and Optimization

Bring us your gnarliest challenges and we’ll bring our deep expertise, earned from delivering over 2,000 successful projects to your next digital innovation project. We’ll implement and integrate your marketing automation, CRM, CPQ, and ERP solutions for a single mission control in the cloud for your company.

Ongoing Innovation

The real innovation happens after your solution goes live. That’s why Plative has developed a proprietary delivery methodology built to act as a strategic extension of your team that proactively creates and modifies a long-term enhancements backlog and executes along with your team in an agile format.

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