COVID-19 | Leading Your Non-Profit Through Crisis

Plative | Leading Your Non-Profit Through CrisisThe Covid-19 pandemic is creating new, and constantly-evolving reality that is creating unique and complex challenges for non-profits. The impact is farther reaching than most could have anticipated. Across all industries, everyone is feeling the pinch – especially non-profits.

The team at Plative is committed to helping as many non-profits as we can during this time to continue driving their mission forward, and maximizing their impact at a hard time when the world needs it most. Being prepared and informed will be crucial in the coming months – it is more important than ever to have a pulse on your organization. Based on the conversations we’re having with our non-profit clients who are surmounting the evolving challenges introduced by COVID-19, we’ve compiled some of the most relevant feedback from our clients and subject matter experts in staying ahead of the impact of Covid-19:

Anticipate Turbulence in Fundraising Sources:

  • Identify your most critical individual contributors and corporate donors and call to offer guidance and support during these difficult times. Your relationships will guide you through these challenging times.
  • The largest individual donors at most organizations typically fall between the ages of 50-70 years old – this is consistently referenced as a very at-risk demographic, and could potentially be looking at scaling back in these confusing economic times. We recommend assembling a task force internally to call and check in with these individuals to share healthcare resources based on their locations. This will require effort and research, but will show your constituents that you’re in this together. 
  • Organizations may also be looking at reducing their philanthropic contributions amongst layoffs – knowing who they are (what industries they operate in), and how they may have been impacted will help guide any communication, with an opportunity to reinforce your messaging. 

Be Transparent With Your Constituents:

  • You have undoubtedly seen an email or two from organizations you personally subscribe to, outlining how their service or mission has been affected as well as which steps they are taking as an organization to survive. Being transparent with your constituents is instrumental in requesting donations during times of hardship.
  • While it may seem as though everyone is doing this, it’s for good reason – this type of insight can provide an opportunity for dialogue, and share a glimpse of the current impact to your non-profit
  • By doing this, you are also reminding your existing constituents of the reason they give their time and resources to help your mission.

Stay Connected:

  • These are very much uncharted waters, and many businesses are having to completely restructure the way they operate – whether you have shifted your infrastructure, or moved to a completely work from home environment, it is vital to keep your staff and volunteers connected.
  • There are a ton of tools available, such as Zoom and Slack, that will allow for you to keep up with face time and internal communications, no matter where you are. For organizations who have already adopted the “table stakes” virtual connectivity apps and looking for more advanced tools, our WorkFromAnywhere Toolkit will help you.

Remember That You are Not Alone

  • While it is undoubtedly an unprecedented time for any business, organization, or institution, the best advice we have heard is to remember that there are resources out there for you
  • Be aware of grants and funding being made available – for example, the city of Philadelphia recently announced that they have over $6.5M in the PHL Covid-19 fund, a number that continues to rise and be made available for nonprofits in the area
  • For more helpful links and resources, we will continue updating this article under the “Resources For Non-Profits” section below.

We are Here for You

Plative feels an overwhelming sense of gratitude to all of our partners and clients who are standing with us and continuing to make progress on our engagements together. As a result, we want to pay that partnership and positivity forward to any non-profits that are in need of our support. Putting this simply: Nothing is off the table. We are all here for you, and if your organization comes to us with a need, we will find a way to help – no matter what.

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