Digital Transformation with Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud

Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud will deliver predictability and transparency to your business.

With the pandemic exposing limitations within the manufacturing industry, whether through the supply chain, logistics, production capabilities or their own internal processes, the manufacturing industry is now at the forefront of undertaking a massive digital transformation. C-Level executives that are in the know, realize that in order to succeed they must innovate their existing technology stack to not only better understand their customers but to fully understand the entire chain of operations. Traditionally, manufacturing companies will use a combination of some type of CRM solution, Excel and ERPs to manage their day to day operations.

With the need shifting to a more transparent and centralized system to manage everything from sales, service, and operations this is where Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud comes in. Manufacturing Cloud is purpose built for the manufacturing industry and is a complete manufacturing CRM to deliver predictability and transparency to your business.

If you find yourself needing:

  1. Real-time visibility into inventory levels
  2. Automatic updates to product quantities after order fulfillment
  3. Visibility for negotiated terms
  4. Real time collaboration with your partner channels
  5. Accurate forecasting for both revenue and quantities
  6. Visibility into incentive programs

Then you need to explore the benefits that Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud can offer. Here are the 4 main benefits that you can expect from Manufacturing Cloud.

1. Connected Sales and Operations Together

Part of the notion for the digital transformation within the manufacturing industry is eliminating the traditional approach of separate, disconnected systems for both Sales and Operations. A CRM system for Sales allowing for quoting and all customer interaction to be captured and an ERP for operations to manage everything from financials, the supply chain and procurement is invaluable. By connecting Sales and Operations together you can see benefits such as:

  • Reducing data duplication and errors
  • Automatic updates any time a change is made or new information is added
  • Improved quoting process for sales. ability to view real time inventory and up to date pricing information

2. Real Time Sales Agreements

Another way to align Sales and Operations and the integration with an ERP system is through Sales Agreements. Through the use of Sales Agreements, visibility occurs in real-time allowing both teams to see the terms that have been negotiated with the client, expected volumes and revenues next to the actuals.  

3. Sales and Ops Collaborative Account Based Forecasting

Now more than ever the need exists to plan and forecast accurately for both negotiated run-rate and new business within Manufacturing. With account based forecasting, sales, operations and production can stay aligned on what is coming down the line to accurately prepare and plan for the future. With custom based formulas available providing clients with tailor made forecasting, inventory can be projected with ease.

4. Partner Portals

Within manufacturing, channel partners are invaluable resources to help drive sales within an organization. Through the use of a portal for your channel partners you will see an increase in overall collaboration and your partners will appreciate the ability to have access in real time to Sales Agreements and the ability to quote with confidence using the same data that your internal sales organization has access too.

5. Shareable Custom Rebate Management

With rebate management, manufacturers can efficiently build and scale incentive programs, reducing their typical manual processes. Manufacturers and Channel Partners can ensure these programs are mutually beneficial by analyzing program performance and interacting in real time, ultimately leading to a more accurate view of channel sales, business performance, and demand forecasts. For your partners, you can securely share incentive program information and build trust throughout the channel.

Are you ready for the future?

In this ever-changing manufacturing environment, staying up to date with the most advanced systems offers you the ability to set yourself apart. The use of Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud will allow for a much more efficient single source of truth that connects sales and operations together as an established unit within your organization. This isn’t an opportunity you would want to miss especially in this age of digital transformation.

If you’re interested in learning more about Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud or you’re already ready to start changing the game, please get in touch with the Plative team today.

Written by

Paul Scudetto

Senior Client Partner, Salesforce

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