Einstein Copilot Brings New AI Features To Salesforce Customers

Unlike other AI assistants or copilots that lack sufficient company data to provide valuable responses, Einstein Copilot empowers Salesforce customers to generate responses using their own exclusive and reliable data. This is achieved while upholding rigorous data governance standards and without the need for costly AI model training. Consequently, Einstein Copilot can address inquiries, summarize and generate content, decipher intricate conversations, and automate tasks dynamically on behalf of a user, all through a unified and seamless user interface seamlessly integrated within Salesforce’s premier AI CRM applications.

What is Einstein Copilot

Einstein Copilot is made possible by combining a conversational UI, a foundational large language model, and trusted company data that enables Salesforce users to tap into the power of generative AI and interact with their applications in entirely new ways. Unleashing the Power of Conversational AI for CRM.

Conversational AI is not just a gimmick; it’s the next frontier in customer relationship management. Imagine a world where your CRM system not only stores customer data but initiates interactions, sends messages, and even drafts emails.

Einstein Copilot revolutionizes your CRM experience. This AI assistant doesn’t just understand your data; it converses with it. It crafts close plans to expedite your sales, finds quick answers to complex issues in service, and tailors product recommendations to increase your commerce revenues. The seamless integration across various Salesforce modules – Sales, Service, Marketing, and Commerce – ensures that every stakeholder in your business receives a personalized, efficient, and accurate service.

Salesforce Einstein Copilot Key Features

The features embedded in Einstein Copilot Salesforce are engineered to deliver unprecedented functionality while maintaining your data’s sanctity and security. It’s designed as an AI copilot, not a replacement; to assist, not to undermine.

Trust is at The Core of Einstein Copilot from Salesforce

Rooted in ethical AI principles, the Einstein Trust Layer advocates for responsible AI adoption, safeguarding the privacy and integrity of your data. This AI instills not just reliability but profound trust. Customize AI to suit your business requirements without the need for expensive or bespoke models, utilizing prompt templates and copilot actions that securely access your business data. Uphold data security and privacy even when employing third-party model providers by implementing trust guardrails such as data masking and zero data retention. Enhance the safety and precision of AI outcomes through toxicity detection, user feedback, and a comprehensive audit trail of each step in the generation process.

Sales AI

Sales AI enables users to expedite deal closures. Through personalized emails for prospects, AI-crafted sales communications, and content enhancements, your sales team’s effectiveness is enhanced. Here are some key features:

  • Personalized Sales Emails: Let Einstein auto-generate tailored emails based on CRM and external data. Facilitate quick introductions and follow-ups, automating personalized correspondence across various platforms like Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, and LinkedIn.
  • Call Summaries & Insights: Bid farewell to sifting through notes. Task Einstein with synthesizing vital call details swiftly. Obtain concise, actionable summaries from sales calls or request insights on key takeaways and customer sentiment to advance deals effectively.
  • Tailored Closing Strategies: Move beyond generic sales tactics. Develop a personalized action plan tailored to your customer and sales approach. Enhance conversion rates with detailed guidance and milestones rooted in CRM insights.
  • Prospecting and Account Analysis: Automate research on prospects and accounts. Condense CRM data on leads, opportunities, and more to gauge deal closure probabilities, competitor involvement, and real-time news updates. Streamline data entry by letting Einstein update lead or opportunity records seamlessly.

Service AI

Enhance work efficiency for agents, supervisors, and customers with Einstein Copilot, the AI assistant for CRM. Simplify inquiries and requests to receive reliable and valuable responses. Einstein Copilot aids in tasks such as utilizing your knowledge base to answer queries. Customize its functions, such as routing cases for approval. By leveraging advanced language models and the Einstein Trust Layer, Einstein Copilot furnishes precise and comprehensible feedback based on your CRM and external data.

  • Conversation Summaries: Drive productivity and streamline agent workflows with AI-generated summaries for any work, order, or interaction. Utilize Einstein to predict or create a summary of any issue and resolution post-conversation, saving time. Allow agents to review, amend, and store summaries to enrich your knowledge base.
  • Knowledge Articles: Assist customers and save agents time by offering easily accessible valuable information. Condense support interactions and craft informative knowledge articles, covering topics from product specifics to common customer queries. Establish a knowledge base with comprehensive articles.
  • Search Answers: Boost search efficiency for agents and customers with AI-powered Search Answers. Rapidly generate answers from your reliable knowledge base and exhibit them directly on the search page or agent console. Agents can locate results swiftly through enhanced filtering and multi-language support. Tailor Einstein Search to align with your specific knowledge parameters for superior outcomes.
  • Next Best Actions: Provide agents with timely recommendations when needed. Direct agents with AI-suggested offers and actions drawn from your reliable data. Fine-tune these recommendations and oversee suggestions in categories like repair, discount, or add-on service.
  • Bot Builder: Deploy a multichannel, multilingual bot that seamlessly integrates with your Salesforce data in a few clicks. Automate routine tasks, such as providing standard responses or executing typical processes, to elevate your team’s productivity. Craft engaging experiences for customers on their chosen messaging platform effortlessly.

Marketing AI

Boost customer engagement and enhance team productivity using Marketing AI tools seamlessly integrated into your platform. Personalize customer journeys with automation driven by Einstein.

  • Segmentation Enhancement: While legacy platforms may take weeks for segmentation, now it’s done in seconds. Create precise segments swiftly with natural language cues and generative AI. Enjoy easier data discovery, enhanced audience targeting, quicker time to market, and reduced reliance on technical teams.
  • Custom Model Development: Effortlessly construct, train, and deploy custom models using popular data science tools like Amazon SageMaker and Google Vertex AI — all without the need to duplicate any data. Utilize product interest scoring, churn prediction, and customer lifetime value to enrich customer profiles.
  • Lookalike Modeling: Identify similar customers within Data Cloud using your high-value audience segments to expand campaign reach effectively.
  • Personalized Journey Optimization: Experiment with personalized campaign variations using predictive AI. Enhance customer engagement by automating and customizing various aspects like channel, content, timing, and frequency. Boost productivity and scalability with dynamic AI-driven journeys.
  • Streamlined Content Creation: Overcome content bottlenecks in personalization with generative AI that leverages first-party, brand, and campaign data to instantly generate on-brand copy and visual content. Scale personalization and testing while ensuring brand integrity.
  • Actionable Marketing Insights: Stay ahead with real-time campaign anomaly detection powered by Einstein. Identify engagement rate drops promptly to address performance issues proactively. Gain valuable, actionable insights without surprises.
  • AI-powered Scoring: Simplify collaboration between marketing and sales teams with AI scoring by Einstein. Automatically analyze marketing data to pinpoint top prospects and leads, facilitating efficient teamwork.

Commerce AI

Commerce AI adeptly manages product recommendations and descriptions, supercharging your e-commerce approach. Provide merchandisers with convenient AI access alongside user-friendly tools to empower your teams with confidence. By seamlessly integrating AI guidance into your workflow, everyone can enhance sales and reach goals more swiftly.

  • Personal Shopping Assistant: Enhance shopping experiences with AI-driven personalized assistance. Seamlessly integrate the Copilot for Shoppers with popular messaging apps for natural language, image-based, and data-driven interactions. Simplify product searches, offer tailored responses, and streamline purchases for a seamless digital journey.
  • Tailored Product Recommendations: Boost cart size and improve shopper engagement by suggesting customized products based on their purchase history and current behavior. Einstein analyzes shopping trends to recommend popular items and utilizes shopper data from your site and other merchants for enhanced suggestions.
  • Instant Webpage Designer: Create and customize webpages swiftly with intuitive, conversational building tools. Develop React or ISML components rapidly with generative coding tools that respond to natural language cues. Users of all levels can preview and personalize components to align with your brand. Deploy across different environments, including Composable Storefront and Storefront Reference Architecture, for maximum efficiency.
  • AI-Generated Product Descriptions: Save time with personalized, AI-crafted product descriptions. Craft SEO-optimized content for improved online visibility. Easily expand globally with Einstein GPT’s translation capabilities. Generate descriptions tailored to the preferred language and localized terms for effective, personalized results.
  • Multichannel Chatbots: Launch a versatile, multilingual chatbot effortlessly across various channels. Seamlessly integrate customer and product data to offer users seamless browsing, discovery, inquiries, purchases, and efficient issue resolution. Automate common customer service tasks for increased productivity and enhance loyalty through personalized experiences using natural language models.

Introducing Prompt Builder

The heart of AI integration is prompt engineering. Generative AI becomes truly valuable when it is not just a frill but a fundamental part of the business operation.

  • Create reliable generative AI: Boost employee productivity by developing dependable, reusable prompts that streamline content creation with a simple click. Ensure data security and accuracy through data masking and zero data retention with the Einstein Trust Layer. Review sample results with actual CRM data, refine prompts, and then deploy.
  • Enhance prompts with your own data: Improve response accuracy by anchoring prompts with your data or using the most suitable LLM. Provide context to prompts using CRM record data or unified engagement data from Data Cloud. Utilize Flow Builder to pull in data based on set criteria and logic. Securely incorporate external data into prompts by utilizing MuleSoft APIs or Apex. Select from various supported LLMs and even introduce your own LLM in Prompt Builder for added flexibility.
  • Elevate every business task: Develop prompt templates once and use them throughout the CRM to enhance every business activity with reliable generative AI. Tailor standard Salesforce prompts by integrating your data. Enable one-click actions on record pages for quick generation of summaries, descriptions, and other field values. Integrate prompt templates into copilots and flows to enrich actions with prompt-generated content.

We can help you leverage Salesforce Einstein Copilot to enrich your customer interactions with depth and perspective. By deploying AI with ease and building actions unique to your brand, we ensure the relevance and precision of your interactions. This is more than just automatons churning out generic responses; this is about using AI to accentuate the human touch, to deliver customer experiences that resonate deeply with each unique persona in your audience.

In Summary

Salesforce Einstein Copilot revolutionizes customer interactions and operational efficiency by leveraging generative AI to personalize content creation, offer actionable marketing insights, streamline e-commerce, and simplify the customer service experience. Key innovations include dynamic AI-driven journeys, AI-scored leads for seamless marketing-sales collaboration, and AI-enhanced e-commerce experiences with personalized shopping assistance and product recommendations. The introduction of Prompt Builder empowers organizations to enhance every business task with reliable, data-anchored generative AI, enriching customer interactions while maintaining brand integrity and ensuring data security. This comprehensive AI integration supports businesses in scaling personalized customer engagements and streamlining operations, ultimately elevating the customer experience with precision and a personal touch.

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