GSD Company is now Plative

This changes everything.

From today onward, GSD Company has officially and legally re-branded our corporation to Plative (pronounced “play-tive”). This new identity signifies our transformation over the last 5 years from a small start-up firm to a global, digital-first consultancy with deep expertise across CRM, ERP, analytics, and data warehouse platforms. In the last 5 years, we have expanded operations to 3 countries, completed an acquisition, delivered over 2,000 successful engagements, and earned over 200 certifications including Salesforce, NetSuite, Heroku, and AWS… and we’re just getting started.

After months of extensive market research, planning, and the engagement of one of New York City’s top branding agencies, the name Plative was chosen by the firm because it evokes the legacy of Greek philosopher Plato, founder of the Academy of North Athens, traditionally considered the first university of the western world.

Plato, the Greek Philosopher

Our Namesake: Plato, the Greek Philosopher

In Ancient Greece circa 429 BC, your socioeconomic disposition was largely determined by the circumstances you were born into. A farmer’s child was destined to farm, baker’s to bake, blacksmith’s to forge, and so on. Plato’s formation of the Academy is symbolic of his apparent belief that an individuals’ capability should be limited only by the limits of their ambition and willingness to work to learn and achieve a better life. We believe that this symbolizes the highest form of human ambition, and we could not imagine a better principle to base our new identity on.

Symbol: The Lantern

Our Symbol: The Lantern

Symbolizing the guiding light that we strive to deliver to all of our clients and communities. The Lantern also contains a metaphor for the “fire” of unrelenting ambition that burns in every one of us to achieve feats beyond our wildest imaginations. Instantly recognizable, the simple, clean, and timeless design of The Lantern ensures that our brand will have recognition for years to come.

Digital Presence: Enhanced Focus on Design

Our Digital Presence: Enhanced Focus on Design

The impact of great design cannot be overstated. With the launch of our new brand story and identity, great design is a tenant of our firm to be expressed through our digital presence, documentation, marketing materials, and any internal assets that we use on a daily basis. In our business, it is paramount to focus on details and always put our best foot forward for our clients, our people, and ourselves.

For those of you who are interested to learn more about the design principles behind Plative, please feel free to view the public-facing Plative Visual Identity System.


Our Mission

When we started this company 5 years ago, we were laser-focused on one thing: improving our client’s performance by leveraging Salesforce technology. As we continued to grow and expand our solution offerings to Oracle NetSuite and AWS advisory, we did so without deviating from our core operating principle for every engagement: Deliver value in every engagement by increasing client performance. Every decision we have ever made and will ever make will be done so with this principle in mind, which is why we have encapsulated it in our simple, one-sentence mission statement:

“At Plative, our mission is to make a global impact by improving our client’s performance.”

Our Core Values

Early on, in order to keep our team focused on the mission at hand and bring on the right talent, we wanted to break down what it meant to be a member of team Plative. Today, our core values are so deeply rooted in our company that we include them on every proposal, we base our interview process around them, and we call on a random team member in every company meeting to recite these values for the team.

  • Customer Vision | We are not simply system administrators or order takers. We create strategic implementations to drive business value and to help our clients better serve their customers.
  • Commitment | We support our teams, our clients, and our local communities—it’s a responsibility that we proudly honor.
  • Dependability |Our clients entrust us to deliver industry-leading solutions—and we always deliver.
  • Passion | We are driven to create value for each client and every engagement—every day.
  • Work Ethic | Work hard, and smart. We go to extra lengths to ensure our work performs to the highest standard.

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