How to Unite Sales & Marketing Together Into a Powerful Force

Are your Sales and Marketing teams thriving together? Are they jiving? Effective collaboration between the two is critical for the success of any organization. Unfortunately, like any good team-up sports movie, a dramatic clash is bound to happen before the big win. Many businesses struggle to unite these two teams due to differences in priorities, communication challenges, and other factors. 

One of the best methods we’ve seen our clients use to alleviate the stress between the two teams is by leveraging Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account Engagement. Organizations can break down these barriers and create a unified team that drives revenue and growth. In this blog post, we’ll explore how organizations can use Salesforce Marketing Cloud engagement to unite sales and marketing teams.

Align Sales and Marketing Objectives

While this might be obvious, we have to recommend that the first step to unifying your sales and marketing teams is to align their objectives. By working together to define shared goals, such as revenue targets, customer acquisition, or lead generation, teams can focus on a common purpose and collaborate more effectively. This work will also serve as a roadmap for your implementation team who will be using Salesforce Marketing Cloud Engagement to accelerate the collaboration – ensuring both teams can track progress, share data, and work towards those common goals.

Improve Communication

Effective communication is critical for any successful team, but it is especially important for sales and marketing teams. By using Salesforce Marketing Cloud Engagement, teams can share data, insights, and feedback in real-time, improving communication and collaboration. With a shared view of customer data, both teams can view the entire journey that customers have taken, tackle the nuances of the potential deal, nurture areas that are needed, and ultimately work together to create amazing personalized campaigns that resonate with their target audience.

Enable Sales with Marketing Insights

Sales teams are often on the front lines of customer engagement and have valuable insights into customer needs and preferences. By leveraging Salesforce Marketing Cloud Engagement, sales teams can access the same data and insights as the marketing team, allowing them to better understand customer behavior and tailor their sales approach accordingly. For example, sales teams can use marketing insights to identify which customers are most likely to purchase, which products or services are most appealing to different segments of the market, and which channels are most effective for reaching a particular audience. Now both teams can go to market in unison and approach leads with aligned messaging.

Streamline Lead Management

One of the biggest sources of tension between sales and marketing teams is lead management. Marketing teams may generate a large number of leads, but sales teams often struggle to qualify and prioritize them effectively. Salesforce Marketing Cloud Engagement can help streamline this process by providing a single platform for lead management. By using a unified system for lead qualification, tracking, and reporting, both teams can work together to ensure that leads are prioritized and managed effectively.

Measure Success and Optimize Strategies

Finally, Salesforce Marketing Cloud Engagement provides both sales and marketing teams with powerful analytics and reporting tools that enable them to measure success and optimize their strategies. By tracking key metrics like lead conversion rates, revenue growth, and customer engagement, teams can identify areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions. With the ability to test and iterate campaigns based on real-time data, teams can continuously improve their marketing and sales strategies.

To wrap, Salesforce Marketing Cloud Engagement can help organizations unite their sales and marketing teams and drive revenue and growth. By aligning objectives, improving communication, enabling sales with marketing insights, streamlining lead management, and measuring success, teams can work together effectively and create more effective campaigns. 

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Written by

Leslie Medina

Senior Salesforce Consultant

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