Incorporating Marketing for Existing Salesforce Clients

So you have Salesforce. Your team is managing their sales with excellence, but now you’re looking to see how you can add marketing into the mix to accelerate the business. Look no further!

Salesforce is equally as powerful as a marketing platform, which is used by businesses of all sizes and industries to manage their brand, outbound efforts, nurture campaigns, and more. However, many Salesforce users are not taking full advantage of the platform’s marketing capabilities. By incorporating marketing features into their current Salesforce platform, businesses can create more effective marketing campaigns, improve customer engagement, and drive sales. In this blog post, we’ll explore how current Salesforce users can incorporate marketing features into their platform and why Plative is the ideal strategic implementation partner.

  1. First, Let’s Identify Your Marketing Goals

Before you start incorporating marketing features into your Salesforce platform, it’s essential to identify your marketing goals. What do you want to achieve with your marketing campaigns? Are you looking to generate more leads, improve customer engagement, or increase sales? Once you have a clear understanding of your goals, you can identify the marketing features that will help you achieve them.

  1. Next, Choose the Right Marketing Features

Salesforce offers a range of marketing features that can help you achieve your marketing goals. These include email marketing, social media management, lead generation, and more. Depending on your goals, you may need to incorporate several marketing features into your platform. It’s essential to choose the right features that align with your marketing strategy.

  1. Integrate Marketing Features into Your Platform

Once you have identified the marketing features you need, it’s time to integrate them into your Salesforce platform. This can be a complex process that requires careful planning and execution. You may need to customize your platform to ensure that it meets your specific needs or create rules so that your internal process with the sales team operates smoothly. It’s essential to work with a strategic implementation partner who has experience integrating marketing features into Salesforce.

  1. Train Your Team

Incorporating marketing features into your Salesforce platform requires your team to be trained on how to use them effectively. Your team needs to understand how to create effective marketing campaigns, generate leads, manage social media, and more. While the platform is intuitive, accelerating the team’s learning and ensuring adoption is key to making your additional investment pay off. We often provide training and support as part of our offering to ensure that your team is proficient in using the features you carefully selected.

  1. Optimize Your Marketing Campaigns

Finally, it’s time to optimize your marketing campaigns. This means analyzing your campaign data and making adjustments to improve their effectiveness. Salesforce provides a range of analytics and reporting tools that can help you measure the success of your campaigns. One of the quickest ways is to work with a strategic implementation partner to build a custom dashboard so you can see exactly what’s going on under the hood. Our team of experts are prepared to analyze your campaign data and help you make informed decisions to improve your campaigns.

In conclusion, incorporating marketing features into your current Salesforce platform can help you achieve your marketing goals and drive sales. By working with a strategic implementation partner like Plative, you can ensure that your marketing features are integrated seamlessly into your platform, and your team is trained and supported to use them effectively. With the right marketing features and implementation partner, businesses can create more effective marketing campaigns, improve customer engagement, and drive sales.

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