This isn’t Managed Services as Usual

Plative offers ongoing innovation-as-a-service, with a staff of cross-cloud experts who become a strategic extension of your team.

Ongoing Innovation with Plative

Innovation really begins once your new technology is implemented and in the hands of your people. That’s why we offer ongoing innovation as a service to keep your organization’s technology roadmap aligned with your business objectives throughout the year and plan continuous release cycles that align with your company’s fiscal schedule.

Our dedicated team of specialists are certified across multiple cloud platforms like Salesforce and NetSuite, with a variety of skills and expertise to meet your ongoing needs. We offer a flexible utilization model to help you achieve greater flexibility and ongoing innovation.

Your Dedicated Team of Plative Experts


The ability to flex hours up or down as your needs evolve is crucial to growing organizations. And that’s exactly what we offer at Plative. We also help you work towards a comprehensive and iterative program plan, so you don’t have to slow down the pace of progress.

Best Practices

We provide guidance not only from the technology platform perspective, but also from an industry perspective. Our team will align with yours based on the areas in focus for multiple work streams.

Planning and Continuity

Alignment starts from the beginning of our relationship and is ongoing with weekly meetings that enable a simple and seamless transfer of knowledge between your internal team and Plative.

Solutions for Every Stage of Your Technology Journey

Salesforce Ongoing Innovation

Our Salesforce managed services will help your organization unlock the full potential of your Salesforce investment in the short term while building out and executing a long-term innovation roadmap for your Salesforce journey across multiple Salesforce products.

Oracle NetSuite Ongoing Innovation

Our Oracle NetSuite managed services will encapsulate your Oracle NetSuite CRM, ERP, Accounting, and integrations all under one roof. We have certified Oracle NetSuite consultants and certified public accountants on staff who are ready to help you maximize your Oracle NetSuite investment.

Cross-Platform Innovation as a Service

Our average customer has 10 or more software platforms that they need to administer, maintain, and align with their business objectives. We offer a cross-cloud team of experts to act as a strategic extension of your team to accomplish all of your short- and long-term platform needs, saving you hundreds of thousands (or more) per year on overhead to administer.

Ongoing Planning and Execution

Our Salesforce and Oracle NetSuite consultants are focused on driving innovation within our customers’ organizations. We do this through recurring planning and alignment meetings that help us zoom out and keep your long-term platform roadmap aligned with your business and growth objectives.

Plative consistently put our needs first. Throughout the project, we always could trust the Plative team to put a few extra hours in to make something work well. That’s huge, especially as a ministry that’s working with donor funds and limited resources.”

Jason Holden

SVP of Operations, Joni and Friends

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