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Get more value out of your technology investment faster with Plative’s industry-specific accelerator programs.

Accelerate Time to Value with Plative

Are you looking to shorten the distance from subscribing to software to actually using it? With Plative Launch, we’ll implement Salesforce, Oracle NetSuite, or both, and replace the systems you’ve outgrown to prepare your company for the next phase of growth. 

We accelerate our consulting engagements with faster time-to-value by combining industry experience, deep platform expertise, and a portfolio of proprietary accelerators and IP gained through thousands of implementations we’ve accomplished before yours.

Brace for Impact

Faster Time-to-Value

Our team of experts gets your technology up and running in a way that’s both cost effective and responsible.

Best Practices

We provide guidance not only from the technology platform perspective, but also from an industry perspective. Our team will align with yours based on the areas in focus for multiple work streams.

Cross-Cloud Expertise

As a top-10 Oracle NetSuite Alliance partner and a Salesforce Summit partner, our expertise runs deep, across both platforms and industries. 

When You Need to Launch an MVP in 60 Days

Accelerated Oracle NetSuite Implementation

Oracle NetSuite Launch implementations can be measured in days, not quarters, with our implementation accelerators and packaged IP for software companies, manufacturers, and consumer products companies.

Accelerated Salesforce Implementation

Our industry-specific accelerators will speed up your Salesforce implementation by leveraging Plative’s own IP for financial services organization, nonprofits, and software companies.

Migrate from ERP in 60 Days

We’ve migrated hundreds of companies to Oracle NetSuite from Quickbooks®, Xero®, Sage Intacct®, and more. We will use our pre-built migration tools and templates to complete your ERP implementation before the start of the new fiscal year (or quarter!)

Migrate from CRM in 60 days

Our pre-packaged IP and templates have helped hundreds of companies migrate from HubSpot®, FreshSales®, ZenDesk®, and more. Leverage our expertise to prepare your company’s CRM instance for the next phase of growth.

“Knowing that a full-blown ERP implementation is more difficult than just spinning up a new QuickBooks file, Plative helped make the implementation feel like a smaller pill to swallow.”

Tim Zacharias

President, Cougar USA 

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