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Cloud-Based ERP And Accounting Software That Grows With You

NetSuite meets the evolving business requirements of fast-growing companies at every stage of their growth. It is the #1 choice to run financials/ERP and ecommerce applications in the cloud – there’s a reason why we help hundreds of companies implement NetSuite.

Whether you’re an emerging business or an established game changer, we can help you streamline mission critical business processes and future-proof your operations. 

“In the past, we faced challenges with quickly gathering and ensuring the accuracy of our numbers—likely due to human error and a lengthy process of consolidating data from multiple different systems. Now, with our new environment, we not only work more efficiently but also have better tooling in place, enabling us to generate accurate data swiftly so we can spend more time working with our customers.”

Phil Charland


What is NetSuite ERP?

NetSuite ERP is a powerful cloud-based business management solution that integrates all of a company’s core functions – like accounting, inventory, and operations – into a single system. This gives leaders real-time visibility and control over their entire organization.

By automating manual processes, NetSuite helps companies save time and resources, so they can focus on serving customers and scaling your business. And with global capabilities, NetSuite makes it easy to manage operations worldwide. 

What’s Included

Expedite your daily financial management transactions, reduce budgeting and forecasting cycle times, ensure compliance and accelerate the financial close.

Manage all your interactions with current and potential customers, partners, and suppliers in one place. Easily connect your platform with Salesforce for a seamless flow.

Automate and manage the entire life cycle of an order – from the moment a customer places an order to delivery to post-sales service. NetSuite keeps an accurate recordkeeping no matter how complex your processes are.

Deliver the right product on time at the optimal cost with the real-time scheduling engine – both forward and backward. You have a choice of infinite or finite scheduling with user definable constraints. Manage production with minimal effort.

Save time and money by centrally managing vendors and the procurement process with real-time views into the company spend and vendor performance. Get all your procurement information in one consolidated dashboard.

Gain a single real-time view of inventory across all locations and sales channels, allowing your business to reduce inventory on hand to free up cash while avoiding stockouts. Keep your costs low while exceeding your customer’s expectations.

Netsuite Cloud Accounting Software

NetSuite’s cloud accounting software simplifies financial tasks – from transaction logs, managing payments and receipts, handling taxes, to closing the books. It offers instant access to financial data, enabling timely reports, compliance with regulations, and better asset management.

NetSuite integrates its accounting functions with other areas such as financial management, inventory, HR, customer management, and ecommerce, offering a comprehensive solution to support company growth.

netsuite cloud accounting software

A Proven Methodology, Made Possible by Hundreds of Deployments

Unlike most implementations, Plative Launch is structured to quickly deploy pre-built modules that we’ve meticulously perfected over hundreds of implementations. This means that you can realize value in record-time and leverage the best practices from hundreds of other similar companies.

Team introductions
Administrative access
Timeline & key dates

Process walkthroughs
Personalized sessions


User acceptance testing
Admin training
End-user training

Post go-live support
Ongoing innovation

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In March of 2024, Salesforce announced a new offering called Salesforce Revenue Lifecycle Management (Salesforce RLM) that combines many of the core functionality that growing companies need in one clever package. Salesforce Revenue Lifecycle Management is an offering that combines the functionality of CPQ, Billing, Subscription Management, E-Signature, Document Generation, and more under one Salesforce…

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