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Achieve Your Goals With One Fluid Revenue Motion, Powered by CPQ

There are few better ways to boost your sales team’s performance than by providing them with an end-to-end lead to cash system with your baked-in sales process, and guided selling.

We’ll help you achieve this and more by implementing Salesforce Sales Cloud and Salesforce Revenue Cloud in 60-days with our own pre-built and ready to go IP.

“By implementing Salesforce, Red Stone was able to provide real-time data to our Originations staff via the website and most importantly, via the app. Red Stone successfully automated pipeline reporting to monitor deal status and timing to close each transaction. Through API calls, Salesforce is linked to Red Stone’s proprietary portfolio management database, Symphony, and thus reduced manual, duplicate data entry. Winning!”

AJ Clark

Senior Director – Operations

What’s Included

We’ll start by connecting your inbound lead form on your website to lead automation logic in Sales Cloud that converts through to opportunities.

We’ll help you capture your full suite of products, services, and subscription bundles in Salesforce CPQ for fast and easy quoting your sales team will love. 

Create optionality by building multiple quotes for your customers, building out different deal scenarios, and converting the closed one quote to an order.

Salesforce CPQ makes contracts and renewal management a breeze. With Plative’s IP, you’ll be able to manage your new business, upsell, and renewal pipeline in a whole new way.

Effective sales teams have different levels of approvals based on a multitude of factors. With Salesforce CPQ, you’ll be able to introduce controls so your reps don’t leave money on the table.

All of your data, from client information to quotes, to previous activities, is important for putting together a holistic picture of your customer lifecycle. We’ll help you import it all into Salesforce.

What is Salesforce CPQ

Salesforce CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) is a powerful tool that helps businesses automate the quoting process by providing sales teams with accurate pricing and product configuration options in real-time.

With CPQ in Salesforce, businesses can easily manage complex pricing structures, discounts, and contracts while ensuring consistency across all sales channels. It also integrates seamlessly with other Salesforce products, providing a comprehensive solution for managing the entire sales process.

what is salesforce cpq

A Proven Methodology, Made Possible by Hundreds of Deployments

Unlike most implementations, Plative Launch is structured to quickly deploy pre-built modules that we’ve meticulously perfected over hundreds of implementations. This means that you can realize value in record-time and leverage the best practices from hundreds of other similar companies.

Team introductions
Administrative access
Timeline & key dates

Process walkthroughs
Personalized sessions


User acceptance testing
Admin training
End-user training

Post go-live support
Ongoing innovation

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