Launch Salesforce for Wealth Management

Unify data, meet regulatory requirements, empower advisors, and deliver premium services to your clients.

Differentiate Your Firm With More Meaningful Customer Interactions

Client data is hard to reconcile and view in a single and easy-to-read database. With Plative Launch for Wealth Management, you can go from desperate and scattered sources of client data in Excel sheets to portfolio management, client database, and wallet-share whitespace opportunity all in one Salesforce Financial Services Cloud platform in 60 days.


“When my partners and I were looking for a central source of truth, Salesforce Financial Services Cloud stood out as a clear leader and Plative helped us bring it to life by connecting our portfolio and account data as well as training our team to deliver a client experience that is second to none.”

Kevin Dufault


What’s Included

From every client a referral, and from every referral a client; that will be your firm’s new motto after you harness the power of Salesforce for referral management.

Collect and track KYC documentation, streamline and automate your process, and get a full view of where every client is on their onboarding journey with Salesforce.

Integrate and consolidate your portfolio management solutions inside of Salesforce Financial Services Cloud to maintain a single place where your advisors can run quarterly reviews.

Your firm has processes for opening new accounts, spinning up a new LLC, establishing a trust, and many other common asks of your clients. We’ll help you automate the steps with Action Plans in Financial Services Cloud.

Your team should be empowered to continue working where they are while their advisor CRM proactively captures and logs important information like email and calendar event history. That’s exactly what we’ll help you achieve.

All of your data, from client information to holdings, to previous requests, is important for putting together a holistic picture of your client lifecycle. We’ll help you import it all into Financial Services Cloud.

The Future of Wealth Management

Plative’s wealth management experts collaborate with asset managers of all sizes, empowering advisors to focus on client needs by automating administrative tasks.

Our pre-built solutions leverage Salesforce to automate processes like client onboarding, KYC compliance, fund transfers, and common requests.

Implementation Outcomes

Client Management

End-to-end client management; onboarding, new account opening & client reviews.

Actionable Insights

Provide actionable analytics to both advisors and client servicing professionals.

Portfolio Management

Initiate new account opening & view financial accounts with portfolio management platform integration.

Email & Activity Capture

Proactive, on-the-go, email and activity capture.

Start Your AI Journey

Arm your advisors with intelligence on client preferences and cross-selling opportunities, fostering referrals and unlocking new business potential.

By integrating external data sources and AI capabilities, Salesforce applies actionable insights into clients, households, and valuable relationships, supercharging productivity and growth.

A Proven Methodology, Made Possible by Hundreds of Deployments

Unlike most implementations, Plative Launch is structured to quickly deploy pre-built modules that we’ve meticulously perfected over hundreds of implementations. This means that you can realize value in record-time and leverage the best practices from hundreds of other similar companies.

Team introductions
Administrative access
Timeline & key dates

Process walkthroughs
Personalized sessions


User acceptance testing
Admin training
End-user training

Post go-live support
Ongoing innovation

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