Slack Implementation

Get collaborating and automating with Slack in 30-days.

More Than a Communication Application for Your Team

Receiving notifications for items that require approval, and being able to swiftly approve them without disrupting your workflow is just the beginning of the automation capabilities we offer through Slack.

In fact, we believe that Slack should be your command center for proactive insights, workflow, and generative artificial intelligence empowered by your data from Salesforce, NetSuite, data warehouse, and more sources. 

slack implementation

“It became very apparent very quickly that the Plative team ‘got it’. Plative understood what we were trying to do, the resources that we were able to commit, the timelines that we were on, and the type of support we actually needed. That’s very important because the first step in solving any problem is a mutual understanding of what the actual problem is.”

Ian Bradley

SVP Operations

What’s Included

It all starts with a customized and tailored strategy to roll-out and unify your team’s usage of Slack. Channel structure, file storage, policies, and settings for users are all in play here.

Your Slack instance can get filled up with junk very quickly, unless you have the right configuration from the start. Our experts can get you up and running with the right strategy.

Slack admins, power users, channel admins, team leads, there are so many possibilities when it comes to how Slack can provision users.

Only a select few individuals should have true administration access to Slack. We’ll help them understand it’s powerful auditing capabilities as well as workflow design and much more.

One of Slack’s key benefits is having complete interoperability with your Salesforce environment. As a leading expert in both Slack and Salesforce, we’ll help get you set up.

The key to a successful Slack implementation is change management and enablement for users. We’ll help you identify and empower department champions to maximize your success.

Salesforce Slack Implementation

When it comes to Slack Implementation, at Plative, we take communication and workflow to the next level. Our approach seamlessly blends Salesforce with Slack, making it easy for info to flow, decisions to be made quickly, and teams to collaborate effortlessly.

By bringing these platforms together, we help clients amp up efficiency, improve customer engagement, and speed up business results.

Accelerator Program Components

Single Sign-On

We’ll get you configured with your organizations SSO authentication tool of choice.

HIPAA and Regulatory Compliance

Extra care and attention needs to go into your organization’s permissions and settings to maintain regulatory compliance.

Slack Generative AI

Leveraging Salesforce-native capabilities or integrating with OpenAI, Anthropic, or other industry-leading LLMs opens a new host of capabilities we can’t wait to show you.

More Integrations

We can get you integrated with your data warehouse, ERP, sales automation platform, and many more technologies your team relies on.

Begin Your Generative AI and Predictive Analytics Journey With Plative and Slack

We’ll help you integrate your company’s data sources with industry-leading LLMs to create your company’s own generative AI bot that lives in an embedded Slack application. With these capabilities, even the most distributed remote teams can save hours of time every day getting the answers they need without the hassle. 

A Proven Methodology, Made Possible by Hundreds of Deployments

Unlike most implementations, Plative Launch is structured to quickly deploy pre-built modules that we’ve meticulously perfected over hundreds of implementations. This means that you can realize value in record-time and leverage the best practices from hundreds of other similar companies.

Team introductions
Administrative access
Timeline & key dates

Process walkthroughs
Personalized sessions


User acceptance testing
Admin training
End-user training

Post go-live support
Ongoing innovation

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