Unlocking Efficiency in Sales with NetSuite CPQ

In the realm of sales and customer service, the ability to quickly generate accurate quotes and proposals is paramount. This is where NetSuite CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) shines, providing a robust solution that streamlines the quoting process from start to finish. In this post, we’ll explore what NetSuite CPQ is, its key features, and introduce Plative’s Item Configurator—a flexible quoting solution designed to enhance the NetSuite experience.

What is NetSuite CPQ?

NetSuite CPQ is an advanced sales tool that helps organizations automate and optimize the creation of quotes and proposals. It’s designed to handle the complexities of pricing products, applying discounts, and configuring services according to customer requirements. By simplifying these processes, NetSuite CPQ enables sales teams to respond more quickly to inquiries, leading to faster closures and improved customer satisfaction.

NetSuite CPQ is a robust solution, potentially exceeding the requirements of a small business. However, as your business expands, manually managing various pricing schemes, product bundles, and customizations becomes a significant challenge. Plative’s IP solution simplifies these complexities, offering companies a scalable solution that grows with their needs.

Introducing Plative’s Item Configurator

Building upon the capabilities of NetSuite CPQ, Plative’s Item Configurator offers an enhanced quoting solution with several notable features:

  • Dynamic Pricing Calculator: Adjust pricing based on various dimensions, providing flexibility in quote customization.
  • Multiple Products/Services Quoting: Quote multiple products and services on a single quote, streamlining the proposal process.
  • Bill of Materials and Routing: Effortlessly manage complex product configurations and production requirements.
  • Guided Selling: Leverage past quotes to guide sales representatives toward optimal product and service combinations.
NetSuite Plative CPQ

Item Setup

Plative’s Item Configurator simplifies the setup process, allowing for the categorization of top-level items to organize product bundles efficiently.

This setup enables the addition and relation of diverse items within your product catalog, facilitating a straightforward quoting process for hardware, software, or services.

Opportunity Creation

With your items set up, creating opportunities becomes a straightforward task. Sales representatives can use the “Sales Configurator button” to select and view bundled or standalone items, adding them to opportunity line items with ease.

Opportunity to Quote Conversion

After selecting the desired items through the configurator and adding them to the opportunity record, sales reps can then proceed to create a quote using standard NetSuite functionality.

Impact & Value

By integrating Plative’s Item Configurator with NetSuite CPQ, businesses can:

  • Leverage Native NetSuite Functionality: Utilize existing NetSuite features without the need for additional products.
  • Improve Sales Rep Efficiency: Enable reps to add multiple related items to an opportunity with a single click.
  • Organize Items into Logical Bundles: Simplify the selection process by grouping items, making it easier for reps to find suitable options.
  • Give Sales Reps Flexibility: Create dynamic bundles within a particular class, segment, and category.
  • Ensure Comprehensive Quotes: Predefined bundles help ensure that no associated or required items are missed during the quoting process.

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