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Empower your company with a rapid low-cost yet high-impact holistic view of your business performance with NetSuite Analytics Warehouse.

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Why Build When You Can Buy

Leverage the most powerful pre-built analytics warehouse to become a data-driven powerhouse.

Pre-Built & Ready Day 1

Equipped with a pre-built data model, security model, data pipeline and dashboards, NSAW empowers organizations to make data-driven decisions on day 1.

All-in-One Solution

Benefit from Oracle Analytics Cloud and Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse that automatically optimize and manages itself to ensure seamless scalability with your organization.

Embedded Connectors To Third-Party Data Sources

Leverage over 40 pre-built connectors to seamlessly extract large data volumes from your critical business systems.

Custom Data Without Coding

NetSuite Analytics Warehouse simplifies working with custom data by offering a code-free interface for integration, mapping, transformation, modeling, and analysis.

Pre-Built Visualizations and Dashboards

NetSuite Analytics Warehouse offers pre-built dashboards and visualizations, integrating data from various sources to provide insight into sales, fulfillment, inventory, financial performance, and more.

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NetSuite Analytics Warehouse Admin Workshop

Plative has designed a monthly, recurring NSAW Admin workshop that is designed for new and NSAW customers. 

In this workshop, discuss industry challenges, provide you with an-in depth overview of NetSuite Analytics Warehouse and show you a comprehensive demonstration of the pre-built data model, visualizations, data pipeline, and more.

Einstein vs Tableau vs Custom Development: Salesforce BI Comparison

So… you’ve implemented your new Salesforce CRM and began to systematize your most critical institutionalized processes. Congratulations! Now, if you’re like most of our clients at this point, more and more data is populating and you’re doing your best to couple this ever-expanding dataset with external system data to inform your team, managers, and executives on business performance. Before most of us find ourselves weighing Einstein vs Tableau, we typically find ourselves running Salesforce reports and exporting them to Excel or Google Sheets, and as we put the finishing touches on the final pivot table, we take to Google to explore alternatives. For those of us who run Salesforce, the common comparison is Einstein vs Tableau, but we will also discuss other methods.

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Mastering the NetSuite Advantage for IPO Success

Tech companies preparing for IPOs today require more than a great offering and a compelling story. Success demands a strategic focus on operational efficiency, regulatory compliance, and long-term sustainability. NetSuite ERP plays a crucial role in shaping IPO success stories. Whether you’re a tech startup gearing up for your IPO debut or an established company…

Before it Was Cool: Oracle NetSuite AI and ML Dominance Goes Back

As the hype around AI reaches its peak, numerous well-known technology companies are eagerly capitalizing on the trend. From IBM’s AI-focused US Open advertisements to Microsoft and Google’s race to establish dominance in the field of generative AI, it seems that everyone is jumping on the bandwagon. However, one notable exception to this trend is…

NetSuite Analytics Warehouse Admin Workshop

The Analytics team at Plative has developed this interactive workshop to give NetSuite administrators and prospective customers an overview of NetSuite Analytics Warehouse and how it can be leveraged to empower your organization.

How-To With Woo: Invoice Grouping

There may be times when some of your larger clients will request multiple invoices out of your NetSuite system. Perhaps it is part of your order to cash process to generate multiple sales orders that may or may not relate to each other (more specific example). Another common use case we’ve leveraged Invoice Grouping for…

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