NetSuite Demand Planning Consultants

Implementing NetSuite Demand Planning with our consultants will help you predict future inventory needs and optimize stock levels for enhanced supply chain planning.

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The Business Impact of NetSuite Demand Planning

Eliminate Obsolete Inventory

NetSuite Demand Planning delivers accurate forecasts based on your historical sales history, seasonality, and trends to help you minimize excess stock that ties up valuable storage space and capital.

Reduce Lost Sales

Be certain of your product availability and maximize the sales you’re able to fulfill by planning for future demand. Through Demand Planning implementation, you can greatly enhance your customer experience in-store and online.

Lower Overhead Costs

Increasing visibility into obsolete and unsold inventory, forecasting for future demand, and gaining a more reliable insight into sales trends will help you lower overhead costs.

Enhance Production Timelines

Making the right materials available when needed will help reduce any halts in production waiting for the goods or items to arrive.

Optimize Your Inventory

Order inventory as needed and in time for production, decreasing overhead and carrying costs while eliminating excess stock.

Track and Improve ROI

With adequate stock levels to fill customer demand, you can decrease excess inventory that will be discontinued or marked as a loss.

How Demand Planning Works


Evaluate expected orders and present data in a variety of ways. With NetSuite Demand Planning, calculating demand based on trends, historical sales, and seasonality has never been easier.

Multi-Location Inventory

Get real-time visibility into all of your locations’ inventory from separate stores, warehouses, and drop-shipments. NetSuite can also create transfer orders between locations as necessary.

Item Setup

With NetSuite Demand Planning, you can define parameters that affect each item. This includes establishing alternative sources for new items with no sales history and establishing which distribution network an item might belong to.

Allocation Exceptions

Planners can review all sources of supply and manage their allocations to ensure high-priority orders ship on time and are complete. NetSuite will provide intelligent supply reallocation designed to redirect resources from multiple unallocated orders.

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