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Making an impact is not an easy job, which is why we want to help you leverage your technology to multiply your staff’s capabilities so they can invest more of their time in what matters most. Let us show you how technology can help you broaden your reach, engage more constituents, and augment your impact.

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Unify fundraising, programs, operations, and accounting

If you’re like other nonprofits, you may find many point-solutions and spreadsheets used throughout your organization don’t work together for a comprehensive organization-wide solution. We take an end-to-end approach that will integrate front and back office functions in the same project plan.


Deliver Connected Journeys

Turn awareness into engagement by connecting all of the potential channels that a constituent can use to interact with your organization into one feed. We make your central repository intelligent enough to broadcast messages to constituents based on their preferences and interests, gauge their response, and automate follow up.



A critical problem with existing and outdated nonprofit software is that it’s not inherently built for grantmakers, fundraisers, and busy mission-driven professionals. We understand how you work and will design a human-focused solution that works how and where it should.


Augment impact

We’ll enable your team members to leverage technology and automation to streamline processes and enhance productivity while reducing burnout. We’ll help you develop an omni-channel approach to engaging constituents in ways they would expect from the world’s leading organizations.

Our Services for Every Step of Your Technology Journey

Strategy and Advisory

Strategy first, technology second. That’s the mindset we challenge our clients to adopt, particularly when they need help with a vision. We bring our industry-specific guidance and similar project experience to the table in order to develop a roadmap that aligns with your business priorities.

Purpose-Built CRM and ERP

We understand the complexities that come along with implementing a nonprofit CRM. From replacing Blackbaud™️ technologies, migrating gigabytes of contacts, donation history, ledger entries, grants, and more, Plative’s nonprofit experts are capable and eager to align with your mission and make your future state a reality.

Industry-Specific CRM and ERP

The problem with most technology solutions is that they’re generic and don’t quite fit with the complex relationship model needed for someone in the nonprofit space. That’s where our team of industry experts come in to advise and deploy a solution that re-imagines what CRM and ERP should be from the ground up.

Ongoing Innovation

The real innovation happens after your solution goes live. That’s why Plative has developed a proprietary delivery methodology built to act as a strategic extension of your team that proactively creates and modifies a long-term enhancements backlog and executes along with your team in an agile format.

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