Plative at Dreamforce 2023 – Driving Innovation and AI Excellence

Your guide to all things Dreamforce, AI, and Plative

As the world’s leading customer relationship management (CRM) platform, Salesforce is at the forefront of innovation, constantly introducing new features and upgrades to its products. And there’s no better place to experience the latest and greatest than at Dreamforce, their annual conference that brings together Trailblazers, product experts, industry visionaries, and thought leaders to learn, connect, and have fun. Dreamforce 2023 promises to be the biggest and best yet, with the added excitement of AI as a key talking point. 

Plative + AI

As AI continues to advance, so too does the hype around the potential uses for it in the workplace. Many companies are eager to get on board, hoping to capitalize on the latest technology and secure a spot among the leaders in the field. At Plative, we know firsthand the power that AI can bring to a business. By working closely with our clients to tailor the technology to their specific needs and data, we have been able to create solutions that we like to call Actually Impactful – truly making a difference in day-to-day operations. We can even help you understand if you’re ready to implement AI with our AI readiness assessment.  Whether you are a small startup or a large corporation, there is no doubt that AI has the potential to revolutionize the way you work, and we are dedicated to helping you make it happen. Here are two AI sessions we are excited about:

AI & Data Keynote: Invest in Your AI Future

Unified data powers trusted AI. See how your teams can deliver AI-native customer experiences grounded in your CRM data and safeguarded with enterprise-leading trust controls.

Marketing Keynote: Marketing in Generation AI

Generative AI is disrupting marketing everywhere. To drive growth, marketers must innovate across the campaign lifecycle. Learn how Trailblazers are transforming their business with AI + Data + CRM.]

Plative + Dreamforce

If you’re heading to Dreamforce, you’ll have plenty of chances to meet with our team. Together with our inspiring customer, the Haywood Burns Institute, we’ll be diving into the innovative ways that the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) can be used to drive meaningful change in a live session at Dreamforce. Join us to discover exactly how the Haywood Burns Institute has been leveraging this tool and how it can benefit your own organization in the pursuit of a more equitable future. Add our session to your Dreamforce agenda.

Right after our session, we’re hosting Plativefest, co-sponsored by Affinity and FormAssembly. This happy hour event is the place to be, and just a few blocks away from the concert so you won’t need to rush to your seats.  RSVP to join us!

Look to the Lantern for all your Salesforce needs

We are thrilled to be part of Dreamforce 2023 and to share our passion and expertise in AI with attendees. With the rapid progression of technology, it’s more important than ever for companies to stay ahead of the curve and innovate with the latest tools. Plative is here to help you navigate this landscape, working with you closely to create custom solutions that make a real impact on your bottom line. Whether you’re interested in AI or other cutting-edge developments in your industry, let’s talk. 

Check out our session, stop by Plativefest, or schedule a time to meet with our team to learn more about how we can help you take your business to the next level. Remember to look to the Lantern for all your Salesforce needs!

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