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Fun facts about Plative Game Changer, Martin Kolev

GameChanger Martin
  • As a kid, I was a little engineer at heart. My favorite cartoon was “Dexter’s Laboratory,” which likely sparked my curiosity. Whenever I got a new toy, I would break it apart to see how it worked. One time, I even made big wings from Styrofoam, climbed on top of a building, and jumped off, flying for a few seconds before falling.
  • When I moved to the States, I discovered computers and the internet and all my energy shifted to creating things online, especially web development.
  • I also love traveling and have been to every state in the U.S. except Alaska. For almost three years, I have lived full-time in an RV, exploring and enjoying the journey.

What do you do at Plative?

I’m a Senior NetSuite Developer, so my job involves assisting junior developers, helping them out when needed, and providing training when there’s an opportunity. However, most of my work consists of consultants and customers coming to me with their business problems. I need to come up with solutions for those problems and then build them.

What’s your favorite thing to do where you currently live?

I live in Plovdiv, the oldest city in Europe. My favorite thing to do in the city is to explore—walking around, trying different places, reading about the history, and seeing the buildings.

GameChanger Martin
GameChanger Martin

What would you do if you didn’t choose your career path?

Before I came to the States, I was considering studying either architecture or law. I was really good at drawing and also had a talent for talking. My mom used to say, “You’re going to be an architect or a lawyer because you talk a lot and have artistic talent.” But when I moved to the States and saw a computer, I realized how much I enjoyed programming and working with computers. So, while I might have pursued architecture or law, discovering computers changed my career path. Before diving into tech, I was doing restaurant management and did a bit of sales for a short time. I really enjoy sales, but only if I’m selling things I love. For instance, I lived in an RV and know everything about them. I’d love to sell RVs because it’s not just about the sale—it’s about sharing my passion and lifestyle. Similarly, I enjoy cars and could see myself selling them too. So, if I were to be a salesperson, it would definitely be for something I’m passionate about.

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