Plative & Heroic Minds: Becoming Your Own Hero

Mental Health Awareness month is observed in May and used to raise awareness, educate, and fight the stigma around mental health and wellness. To help start a conversation at Plative, we were joined by Ben Fanelli of Heroic Minds. Ben is a brain injury survivor who changed his path from chasing the National Hockey League to learning and sharing the intricacies of human performance with the world. We spent an hour with Ben learning more about perspective, fulfillment, and purpose.

Heroic Minds’ focus and the key takeaway from our session involves finding value and purpose in serving the world and being your best self rather than a finite idea and/or your own self-fulfilling ideas.

“When what you value is approaching life with love and the ability to improve the world, you already have what you need inside because that is attainable in every moment.” – Ben Fanelli 

This shift in perspective limits the gaps and voids in your life because you aren’t striving for wealth or status, but a deeper purpose. If you take this philosophy and look back on the year we’ve had and as we move forward, you can see how large of a role it can play on your mental health and wellness. It changes your priorities, mitigates stress, and makes it easier to step away and savor the important moments in life. It allows you to wake up every morning already having what you need. 

Ben challenged all of us to understand and align with our values so we can bring our best selves to, and find fulfillment in, everything we do. Be sure to check out the Heroic Minds Podcast and learn more about Ben’s story here

“When you lead with love, you get out of your own way and begin living fully.” – Ben Fanelli, CEO, Heroic Minds

Written by

Mickela Miller

Marketing Associate

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