Plative Launch For Wealth & Asset Management

Designed to bring you from zero to cloud in 90 days as well as offer 7 main deliverables.

Plative Launch

Serving our clients where they need us most is what we value at Plative. After talking with clients we found a gap where Plative could enhance the experience of our users and add value to their growing businesses. Plative Launch for Wealth & Asset Management has been developed through years of experience working with many of the worlds fastest growing Asset Managers. At the end of this templated three month implementation, you will be able to:

  • End to end Client management; onboarding, new account opening & Client reviews
  • Provide actionable analytics to both Advisors & Client Servicing professionals.
  • Initiate new account opening & view financial accounts with Portfolio Management platform integration
  • Proactive, on-the-go, email and activity capture

Plative Launch is designed to bring you from zero to cloud in 90 days as well as offer 7 main deliverables:

  1. Lead, Household, Client Onboarding & Activity Management
  2. Referral Tracking
  3. Financial Account Views (Portfolio Management Integration)
  4. Reports and Dashboards
  5. Email Integration
  6. Data Migration
  7. Admin & End User Tracking

How can Plative offer your organization the best experience with Launch?

  • We are cross-cloud: by design, which enables us to operate across marketing, CRM, ERP, and cloud platforms without slowing down. More importantly, we provide unbiased advice across your entire tech stack.
  • Differentiated services: to support our clients throughout every iteration of their growth journey from implementation, advisory and ongoing managed services.
  • We have a successful track record: and experienced team of professionals that help tackle even the most complex customer issues.

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Chief Revenue Officer

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