The Future of Enterprise Relationship Management | Plative Partners with Equilar

Earlier this morning, Plative’s partnership with the industry-leading enterprise relationship management platform, Equilar, was officially announced (read the full press release).

Equilar launched ExecAtlas for Salesforce onĀ Salesforce App Exchange earlier this year, which was developed for organizations navigating the complexities of B2B sales to drive increased engagement with C-suite decision-makers and new business opportunities.

Here are examples of how organizations can leverage ExecAtlas to gain a competitive edge:


Keep your contact data fresh and up to date

All too often, our CRMs are plagued by stale data. Executives switch jobs or move on, board seats change hands, and contact information changes. Multiply these day to day changes with the number of companies and contacts you track daily in CRM and you will quickly find your precious data to be out of date. ExecAtlas solves this problem by enabling a recurring (daily or weekly) data sync which will run a batch update on your Salesforce contacts to ensure that your data stays up to date.


Visualize rich data about executives and board members in CRM

Whether you are prospecting into a company for a strategic opportunity, searching for relevant connections for introduction, or simply looking to gain insight into an organization’s executive structure, ExecAtlas is able to surface this data directly in the company’s record within Salesforce. Gone are the days of searching external databases and online news sources for the most recent information on board members and executive profiles.


One executive, one record, multiple affiliations

Let’s say you have one contact (in this case, Maggie Wilderotter) who is affiliated with multiple different companies in different capacities. One of the most common data problems we need to solve for our clients is how to haveĀ one contact record (not many) but keep track of all activities, meetings, notes, and interactions with that person without going to more than one place. ExecAtlas delivers this outcome, and does so swiftly in a way that just makes sense.


See ‘Who knows who’ at your company, and external companies

If you’ve ever been in the position to ask “who at our company knows someone at Company XYZ”, then this feature is for you. Also, if you’ve ever asked “Who do I know that also knows someone at Company XYZ” you’ll love this. ExecAtlas creates maps of executives and board members at all of the companies in its database and surfaces this information directly in Salesforce.


Enrich your existing data set

Take a look at the data set you currently manage of your companies and contacts. You’re likely to have contact details, activity history, possibly some notes, and maybe a few files. Have you thought about what power you could unlock within your database if you could also capture previous employment history, education institutions attended, and corporate biography to learn where you may be able to strike up a connection or conversation? ExecAtlas delivers this functionality as well, and it does so in a way that is simple and easy on the eyes.


See for yourself

Plative experts are standing by, ready to show you a demonstration of how ExecAtlas functions within Salesforce. Get in touch with us today to set up a demo!

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Gregory DelGenio

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