PlativeGameChangers | Leslie Medina!

Fun Facts: 

  • Recently picked up snowboarding as a new hobby
  • Has experience playing table tennis competitively
  • Part of the left-handed community

What do you do at Plative? 

  • I am a senior Salesforce consultant for the Innovate line of business specializing in financial services 
  • My work generally entails building long-term working relationships with clients, getting to know their business, and helping them plan and execute Salesforce optimizations in line with their overall business’ goals and objectives 
  • I enjoy the process of identifying businesses’ underlying needs and planning/solutioning roadmaps to help them move towards an ideal future state
  • I also enjoy enabling other people by sharing my experiences and knowledge with them and providing others with growth opportunities, because I recognize that I’ve been able to grow in my career thus far due similar investments made in me by my peers

What’s your favorite thing to do where you currently live? 

  • I like spending time with family and hosting large gatherings where people can play volleyball, sing karaoke, and enjoy the outdoors together

What would you do if you didn’t choose your career path? 

  • I used to teach piano and playing piano is a passion of mine so I’d probably be investing my time nurturing that passion in others through teaching

What is your most unusual or hidden talent?

  • I’ve learned to do a traditional headstand through regular yoga practice

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