#PlativeGameChangers | Meet Akanksha!

Meet Akanksha – Salesforce Business Analyst at Plative! 

Fun Facts: 

  • Believe it or not, my favorite way to de-stress is to create SF applications! Working towards professional projects is a break from my, sometimes stressful, personal life.
  • I really enjoy sunrises. I always try to wake up early enough to enjoy them – but only really manage it two or three times a month.
  • When I was in college, I used to give a lot of presentations. I really enjoyed it, so I took an opportunity to work as an assistant professor. I helped teach topics such as data structure, database management, c-language, and general computer science.

What do you do at Plative?

I am currently working as a Business Analyst. I love it! Every week I learn something new. A lot of what I do involves form assembly to create forms for projects. Right now, I’m working on 4 projects. I also onboard projects, build applications and create documents for intake. I also do some Quality Analyst work – which involves testing to make sure that all fields were made correctly.

What’s your favorite thing to do where you currently live?

I recently relocated to the city of Hyderabad. There’s a lot of shopping to be done! I recently went to buy some jewelry and a new saree for a family member who is getting married soon. I also love exploring the city and visiting restaurants to eat food. In Hyderabad, there is a kind of biryani that is very famous. I’m a vegetarian so I can’t eat that particular dish, instead, I love to eat South Indian food.

What would you do if you didn’t choose your career path?

I would want to teach at the college level. I used to help mentor my friends in school, which sparked my interest in teaching others. It’s such a nice feeling to be able to teach someone and see them grow.

What is your most unusual talent?

I’m a huge foodie – and I love to cook! People tell me my food is very good, especially my baking (Cupcakes). I mostly make South Indian food – such as Idli-Sambhar, Tamarind Rice, Masala Dosa, and Vada. I learned how to cook from my mother. As a child, I would beg my mom to cook all of my favorite dishes so I could eat them. However, my mom would get irritated at my constant begging and so taught me how to make it myself. The first thing I ever cooked was fried rice – it’s still one of my favorites!

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Kristy Lajoie

People Specialist

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