#PlativeGameChangers | Meet Brenden Silvester!

Meet Brenden Silvester, Senior Client Partner at Plative! 

Fun Facts:

  • I’ve had the opportunity to represent Team Canada at the Under 17 World Hockey Championships
  • My claim to fame was starring in a handful of Shake ‘n Bake commercials
  • I’m a certified Zamboni operator – a true Canadian certification

What do you do at Plative?

  • I’m a Senior Client Partner and manage our Financial Services book of business in California. I bring in new customers, support existing customers, and make sure we are being as profitable as possible as we grow.

What is your favourite thing to do in your city?

  • Well, I’m from the most beautiful place on earth, Vancouver British Columbia. With that, there are a million things you can do in a day! Two things that are at the very top of my list: 
    • I love to take our boys over to Granville Island on the SeaBus and pick out fresh ingredients for dinner at home with the family. 
    • Fishing in Northern British Columbia – I’m very lucky to have some of the best Salmon fishing in the world in my backyard and you get some other cool wildlife with it.


What is your silver lining of COVID?

  • Working from home has had its challenges but it has provided me with an opportunity to spend time with my family at any point in the day. I get to have breakfast, lunch, and dinner with my two boys and can lend an extra hand to my wife between meetings. Not to mention, I avoid morning and afternoon traffic time that is now spent at the park or in the playroom!


One Song, One Movie, One Book – Go!

  • Dreams – Fleetwood Mac
  • I Love You, Man
  • IT – Stephen King


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Written by

Lucia Lee

HR Business Partner

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