#PlativeGameChangers | Meet Elizabeth Bauer!

Meet Elizabeth Bauer, Salesforce Consultant at Plative!

Fun Facts: 

  • I was a rhythmic gymnast for 10 years, and a dancer for 5 years. When I was a dancer, I also was a rugby player!  At the ages of 16-20, I competed in multiple dance competitions with black eyes from getting pummeled in rugby.
  • I was on the cover of Yoga Journal Magazine.
  • In 2016, I took a sabbatical and went and lived at an ashram for a month. 
  • I’m a (self-proclaimed) dog whisperer – I feel so connected to canines I believe that I may have been one in a past life!

What do you do at Plative? 

I’m a Salesforce Consultant! I work directly with our clients to help build out their Salesforce instance and lately I’ve been specializing in Netsuite-Salesforce integrations.

What’s your favorite thing to do where you currently live?

I love finding new trails to take my dog, Mallory. Whenever I’m on a trail, I always find a tree to hug (no joke) to help absorb nature’s wonderful healing and grounding powers.

What would you do if you didn’t choose your career path? 

This has changed so many times in the last 15 years! 10 years ago, I wanted to be a holistic nutritionist. Recently in the last 2 years, since adopting a dog and becoming a dog trainer, I’ve wanted to buy a property and set up a full dog training center where I can take high-risk dogs in, rehabilitate them, and rehome them.

What is your most unusual or hidden talent?

My ability to understand human movement and coordination. I can see someone do something once,  whether it’s a dance move, yoga pose, or specific techniques with dog handling, and then replicate it without much effort. I can then do it faster and reteach it in only a few minutes.


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