#PlativeGameChangers | Meet Larry Woo!

3 Fun Facts: 

I am a collector and have…

  • More than 50 Star Wars collector items from figurines to Star Wars sneakers
  • More than 20 pairs of sneakers! I have more shoes than my family combined
  • A comic book collection of Marvel and DC comics. I have an entire corner of my home office dedicated to my comic books


So Larry… What do you do at Plative?

I’m a NetSuite Consultant on the Delivery Team specializing.  As a consultant, I work with clients to understand their business processes, gather requirements, and build out systems based on their needs. I’ve also been working heavily on project management, which I love, and it includes project timelines, assessing risks, and ensuring projects go live successfully.


What is your favorite thing to do in your city?

One of my favorite things about Toronto is the food scene. I absolutely love exploring different restaurants and cuisines. Some of my favorite spots include 

  • Big Trouble Pizza (“Toronto Style” Pizza and I have my own seat there) @bigtroublepizza

  • Famigilia Baldasarre (Maker of the best Fresh Pasta in Toronto and more) @famiglia_baldassarre
  • Sara (Innovative small plates, Great eating experience) @sararestaurantto


If you could choose a superpower, what would it be and why? 

There’s a character in Marvel comics named Domino and her power was always a fun one which is the power of “Probability Altering” aka “Luck”. One can do a lot of things if you’re always ‘lucky’.


What did you eat for breakfast today?

Evening left-overs and coffee from Propeller


What is your favorite Toronto office event or story?

One of my favorite memories at Plative is a simple one but it reflects the company culture and friendships formed at Plative. Mia, a Salesforce Consultant in the Toronto office and a friend of mine, eats at Subway. She sits next to me in the office and gets Subway “frequently”. However, there is a running joke at the quality of the local Subway, so when people found out that Mia loved Subway, everyone started poking fun at her. I was able to see her live reaction from everyone’s comments and digs and got a good laugh out of it. These are the simple but enjoyable memories that make me happy to go into the Toronto office!


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