#PlativeGameChangers | Meet Nelson Liu!

Nelson Liu

Meet Nelson Liu, Project Manager!

Fun Facts: 

  • I’ve traveled to practically every province/city in Canada except Nunavut.
  • I’m a foodie, I like trying different food from all over the world.
  • People at Plative call me Nelly! I love Nelly as a rapper and was happy to get that nickname.

What do you do at Plative? 

  • I’m a Salesforce Project Manager at Plative and am responsible for managing a portfolio of Salesforce.com implementation projects with a wide variety of clients. I love project management by working closely with clients, enabling them, fixing problems, and working with them to find solutions to their pain points.

What is your favorite activity in your current city?

  • I currently live in Burnaby and grew up in Vancouver. One of my favorite activities to do in Vancouver and the Burnaby area is hiking, especially when the weather is nice. There are many beautiful and scenic hiking trails like Grouse Grind, Quarry Rock, and Chilliwack Lake. Here’s a picture of my wife and me at Chilliwack Lake.

#GameChanger Nelson

Tell us about your heritage. What makes you proud to be who you are?

  • I am a second-generation Chinese Canadian. My parents are from Hong Kong and I was born and raised in Vancouver. One aspect of my heritage that I am very proud of and absolutely love is the rich culture. For example, China has 56 ethnic groups, 23 provinces, and 8 types of cuisines!

What are some family or cultural traditions that are important to you?

  • There are many family traditions that I value but the two that stick out to me the most are: 
    • Celebrating Chinese New Years: Growing up, one of my favorite activities was receiving the red envelopes from my elders. Elders give children the red envelope, which symbolizes good wishes and luck for the new year ahead. The red envelope is filled with money so when I would get it as a child, I would save the money and use it to buy toys. Now that I’m older, I am on the opposite end where I give red envelopes to children. 
    • Eating dim sum with my family every weekend: dim sum is a large range of small dishes that people traditionally enjoy in restaurants for breakfast and lunch. There are 25 types of dishes that can be found in dim sum restaurants. My family and I would meet every week to spend time together, unplug, drink tea and eat delicious food. Some of my favorite dishes are Ha-Gao, which is a shrimp dumpling, and Su Mai, which is a pork dumpling.

Dim sum

Can you tell us more about your family’s journey to Canada and your experience around it?

  • My parents moved to Vancouver in 1976 from Hong Kong with all my family, including my aunts and uncles, for better life opportunities. I was born and raised in Vancouver and am grateful for all the hard work that my parents put in to set me up for success. I’m also fortunate to be able to celebrate two cultures – Chinese and Canadian. I grew up in a culturally diverse neighborhood and was able to embrace both cultures and traditions. Canada is a great place to live and I am grateful for the freedom and kindness that the country has offered throughout my life.

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