#PlativeGameChangers | Meet Stephen Bradley!

Meet Steve Bradley, Client Partner at Plative!

Fun Facts:

  • I’ve been playing the guitar for over 20 years! I can play the acoustic and electric guitar and can also play the banjo. My favorite style of guitar picking is the travis style picking, which is plucking the strings with your pick, finger, or fingernail. I love country and folk songs which led me to pick up travis style picking since it was named after country guitarist Merle Travis
  • I love the outdoors and am an avid trail runner. I participate in at least one race a year and have competed in an ultra marathon in the past. I also love indoor rock climbing and am belay certified. I went to Lake Tahoe this past year and went climbing.
  • I was sponsored for skateboarding by Xtreme Boardshops in Southern California. I rode for what they called their “flow” team, so all I got was free shoes and skateboards


What do you do at Plative? 

I’m a Client Partner on the Sales Team specializing in NetSuite.  As a Client Partner, I work with Account Executives at NetSuite and clients who are looking to implement NetSuite in their organization. I provide suggestion solutions after thoroughly analyzing and understanding the business requirements of new clients.


What’s your favorite thing to do in Minneapolis? 

    • My favorite thing to do in Minneapolis is going to the park! Here are a few reasons why:
      • Minneapolis was rated the #1 city in the US for its parks 
      • 98% of people who live in Minneapolis live within a 10-minute walk to the park.  
    • I go to the Mississippi Gorge Regional Park on a daily basis and love running and playing fetch with my dog, relaxing in the hammock and enjoying the riverside views, and basking in the sun while doing some casual reading. Whenever you’re in Minneapolis, I highly recommend taking advantage of the beautiful parks.

What did you eat for breakfast today? 

I usually don’t eat breakfast but today, I decided to have a traditional millennial breakfast- avocado toast and eggs.


What is your most unusual talent? 

My unusual talent is my ability to control my eyes independently. What that means is that I’m able to move one eye from side to side on its own without my other eye-getting impacted.

What brought you to Plative? 

I’ve worked in the NetSuite space for several years and have worked at different partner organizations. What ultimately brought me to Plative were the people, specifically Jeff St. Louis, my manager, and Rob MacEwen, Managing Director, NetSuite. What drew me to Jeff and Rob is their ability to approach any problem or situation in a creative and thoughtful way. They are extremely intelligent and charming individuals who have the ability to speak with different customers and communicate and advise effectively on how to approach situations.

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