Real Time Automation Rules feature going away in Pardot – Marketing Cloud Account Engagement

Did you hear the news? The Real Time Automation Rules in Pardot- Account Engagement is going away!

You may have noticed an Error message at the top of your Automations page in Pardot – Marketing Cloud Account Engagement recently, and wondered what it is. “Real Time Automation Rules” are officially going away with the Summer 23 release(June). The Checkbox that currently shows below on your Automation Rules will disappear from the system.

What were Real Time Automation Rules?: 

This functionality has been largely misunderstood and a bit ambiguous in recent years regarding its actual use case with the Pardot – Salesforce connector. According to this Help doc that was released regarding the retirement of “Real Time”, Salesforce states the following:

The ‘real time’ setting is a legacy option developed before the decision to exclusively support the Salesforce connector. It was designed to provide a way to prioritize automation rules when syncing with legacy CRM connector options. With the full support of the Salesforce connector, this functionality offers no additional value.

To sum it up- the “Execute in Real Time” option was used at a time when Pardot had other CRM connectors aside from Salesforce(Sugar CRM, Netsuite, and Microsoft CRM). It’s no longer necessary to utilize in your Automation Rules.

How does it affect me?:  

Short answer…it doesn’t(or shouldn’t). If you happen to have the box checked on any Automation Rules, this will resolve itself when the system change is initiated. You don’t need to take any action as the setting will simply disappear from your existing Automation Rules in June! Nothing else in your Automation Rules will be affected. If you are someone who prefers to have system control over changes like this, you can go to the Automation Rules table view. Select all of the automation rules by checking the box in the upper left hand corner of your table, and then take a table action to “Disable Real Time Automations”. 

That’s all there is to it! We hope you’ve found this helpful, but we understand that some of these topics can be complex to master. If you need additional assistance, please reach out to Plative. We are here to partner with you in your Pardot – Marketing Cloud Account Engagement  journey! 🤝

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